King’s Ginger

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We don’t know about you but we love a good cocktail. We’re regulars in our local cocktail bars and love spending evenings in with a few drinks catching up with the latest Netflix series.

We were recently sent the most amazing package from King’s Ginger to try out their ginger liqueur, and who were we to say no??

King's Ginger

Opening up the package to find a bottle of the warming ginger liqueur, tonic, glass and recipe book was a lovely surprise.

I loved reading the history of the liqueur, it was designed in 1903 to help King Edward revive himself and keep up with his own crazy lifestyle. It was made from fine green ginger and cognac brandy, and after a few members of the Royal Family have granted warrants over the years. It was relaunched in the UK in 2009 and was recently awarded a Gold Medal in the Liqueur Masters in 2017.

King's Ginger

King's Ginger

We recently had a catch up night and couldn’t resist making up a few different cocktails. The King’s and Tonic for a different kind of G&T was our first choice, and the liqueur made it a lovely warming drink. It’s lovely and spicy without being overpowering, it was like the cocktail version of a ginger beer. It was so refreshing and tasty and I could have had a lot of them!

King's Ginger



We had a few at the top of the scaffolding at Mia’s house when it was up it was so good seeing the rooftops of Cardiff with a cocktail!

We’ve shaken up a few varieties of drinks with them now, I tried it shaken with apple juice and with an extra shot of rhubarb gin. Rhubarb and ginger are such a great combination and it was another potential summer favourite.


King's Ginger

They have so many amazing recipes on their website, mixing this up with some cranberry and lime to make a King’s Summer Cup, or some cachaca, lime, honey and cider to make a Light My Fire! For something a bit more special there’s also the King’s Fizz to add a shot to some champagne.

I can imagine this will be a great liqueur to add to winter drinks too, like mulled wine and cider, and a whiskey based cocktail.

So many options to try out over the summer and well into autumn and winter, will you be trying out King’s Ginger?? It’s Friday so it’s the perfect time to grab a bottle and celebrate the weekend.

If you like cocktails you might also want to see our posts on Cranes liqueur or Warner Edward’s Victoria Rhubarb Gin!


The King’s Ginger can be found in many stores and online for ~£21

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