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When the latest Styling Society box turned up I was very excited. The Kenra Color Charge range helps hair colours last up to 50 shampoos, it helps keep vibrancy, brilliance and lock in hair colour, and as someone with bright hair I couldn’t wait to try them out. The whole range is also free from paraben, sulfites and sodium chloride. We did a series ages ago called COTW and you can read about the chemicals and why it’s better without them here.

The first products we tried we absolutely loved (review here) in particular the Blow Dry Spray which was a total game changer.

For me it was all about the color charge treatment and the color charge spray serum, I couldn’t wait to test them out. My hair is bleached so anything that helps improve the condition is something I can’t wait to try.

The spray serum I love. Products like these I love to pile in my hair when it’s wet, this doesn’t leave my hair greasy but really helps protect heat damage without leaving my colours looking flat and dull. It can also be used on dry hair which makes it the perfect product for pre styling.

The treatment is amazing, I actually put it on damp dirty hair and leave it to work its magic over night, then shampoo and conditioner as normal in the morning (this is how I always use treatments in my hair!) It leaves my hair feeling so soft and more manageable as well as shiny, which is hard to get with my hair. The only thing I would say is this would probably work better in a pot, the product is quite thick and a bit hard to squeeze out.

The shampoo and conditioner didn’t disappoint either, they help to seal the colour in and leave the hair soft and clean without being weighted down.

A dry texture spray is probably something I wouldn’t usually purchase but as everyone raves about them when I saw it in the box I couldn’t wait to try it out. As I only wash my hair once a week (controversial I know but with bright colours it fades loads!) I used to use a lot of dry shampoo but after finding out it was debatable whether Batiste were cruelty free I switched to the lush Dry shampoo or the Paul Mitchell one (review here) and my hair feels so much better as I use less product and they don’t leave it feeling heavy. I’ve been treating the dry texture spray as a sort of dry shampoo as it does absorb some oil, not to the extent of Batiste but does help and it works so well in braids to fluff them out and make them big and chunky.

The Color Charge range is one I’d definitely recommend especially the spray serum and treatment!

Do you use specific shampoo and conditioner for your hair needs?

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