Bravura London Skincare: Collagen Moisturising Cream

As you know we are relatively addicted to skincare (i.e. totally obsessed) and love sharing new finds so today’s review is all about Bravura’s Collagen Moisturising Cream.

The moisturising cream is recommended for normal to dry skin and helps to prevent premature ageing. It’s designed for a night cream but can be used in the morning too if required.Bravura Skincare

Bravura Skincare

The packaging is the prettiest, a rose gold lid with a beautiful dragonfly design on top. This colour blue is one of my personal favourites, as someone who loves jewel colours the range appeals to me with all of the pretty glass bottles in bright jewel tones. It’s the kind of range you want to keep out in your bathroom.

Bravura Collagen Cream

The Collagen Moisturising Cream contains ‘the finest Hydrolysed Marine Collagen’ to help improve cell connections and improve skin tone and firmness.

Taken straight from the website because I can’t type it any better myself: ‘Collagen Moisturising Cream contains Ginseng Extract, Allantoin and Aloe Vera Gel to soothe and heal the skin. Avocado Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Sesame Oil, Avocado Butter and Olive Butter all protect the skin from moisture loss and provide nourishment and essential fatty acids for skin health.’

It also contains vitamins E, A and C.

It is designed to absorb quickly (which it does) and is non greasy (I can confirm it isn’t but I only use it at night).

Bravura Collagen Cream

I use this particularly after I’ve been using other Bravura products such as the lactic and glycolic acids as I know it isn’t going to cause any issues with my skin reacting further.

I think this moisturising cream is great and I’d repurchase it, what I particularly like about it is it’s very lightweight whilst still packing a punch of hydration. It glides onto my skin and sinks in super fast, plus it goes with any toner, serum and oil I also choose to use so it makes life easy!

Bravura Collagen Cream

The Bravura Collagen Moisturising Cream is £10.79 for 50ml, it’s cruelty free but unsuitable for vegans and vegetarians due to the marine collagen and milk protein.

Have you tried anything from Bravura? What’s your favourite?


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