The Best of Canggu in 48 hours

It’s time for another post in my Ubud series and this time it’s all about What to do in if you have a short time in Canggu and what not to miss, you can read about all about Ubud and Kuala Lumpur here.

Air B n B for short time in canggu

Whether you only have a short time in canggu or are here for longer I can’t recommend this amazing villa enough. We met with a school friend of my other half’s here so found this on AirBnB. I love AirBnB and it’s my go to now for holidays abroad and at home and this really didn’t disappoint. We opted for a gorgeous two bed villa with a private pool and it was around £75ish a night which between 4 is a bargain!

Air B n B for short time in canggu

One thing to do in Bali is learn to surf, the gorgeous sea and the warmth make it perfect and there are some great waves too. So even if you only have a short time in Canggu I can’t recommend this enough. These can also be booked in Kuta and Seminyak easily. I’ve always wanted to surf and have tried once before but wasn’t great. We went with Ketut from Silver surfer (you can see his website here), there were surf schools near where we were staying but from reading trip advisor reviews we paid more and went for the private lessons.

Learning to Surf in Canngu - Silver Surfer

Ketut was great, we asked for a 9am start and he advised earlier which was definitely the right thing. He came and picked us up and we headed down to a different beach nearer to Seminyak and he went through the basics before we jumped into the water. The beach was quiet with not to many people around which is great for me as a beginner who can barely stand let along steer to avoid other people. By 9am we had done our two hours and you could see the surfers starting to flood in and the multiple surf schools so we glad of our early start.

Learning to Surf in Canngu - Silver Surfer

Another thing we did whilst in Canggu was head to WaterBom, this was such a great day and was about £17 a person entry. We just got a taxi from our AirBnB and it wasn’t very expensive. It’s based near Kuta so if you’re staying near there it’s easy to get to but taxi’s in Bali are so cheap to use.

Waterbom Bali from Canggu

Waterbom has some amazing slides, one even made me let out an involuntary squeal! There was also a lazy river. It was easy to buy stuff in the park as you have a bracelet you preload with money then swipe to get things at the different outlets. It’s definitely worth a trip for a fun chilled out day..

short time in canggu

Canggu had a great selection of food places, out of the areas we stayed in Bali it definitely felt like more of a tourist selection of food, we went for Pizza one day, burgers another and struggled to find our favourite Nasi Goreng! The photo above is of Gypsy Kitchen, which did amazing Iced Coffee and brunch food, for evening meals it was more expensive than other places but that’s still only £5 for a main and it was a great place to stop for a cocktail even if you only have a short time in Canggu definitely pop in.

short time in canggu

We heading to Warung the Guyu for lunch and had an amazing feast including chicken satay, spring rolls and a Nasi Goreng. It was just of the main road and a random find but we were glad we did!

I liked the relaxed vibe of Canggu but if I’m honest I had expected better beaches, the Villa we were in was amazing and it had a great places to chill out of an evening and a bit more of a party vibe than Ubud but not as much as Seminyak, I’d love to spend more time here and explore again.

Is Bali on your list?

Love M


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