Life Update – When the World has Another Plan!

Well hello there, it’s been a little while! I thought it was time for an update, life has been following another plan to what I was hoping would happen and lots of things changed, which you may have noticed with the lack of blog posts!

In September 2018 I viewed a new property with so much excitement, previously I bought a house to get myself onto the property ladder and this was close to work but not so much close to my friends and family. This meant a lot of driving, and with limited public transport meant that I was forever living out of my car staying over friends houses and pretty much never gave up my room at home!

So when I finally found a new place on September 1st that was actually bigger than my house and right in the middle of Cardiff that I could actually afford I couldn’t believe it! I thought it would be years before I could move to this area (especially when buying by myself!)

Laura Life Update

The excitement was very real! I went away on holiday for a week, cleaned and tidied my house, had the photos taken and put it up for sale super quick. I was really lucky as even though it was technically getting to the quiet time of year it sold on first viewing for the full asking price which was great news.

After this things started to go wrong!

The paperwork side of things has been horrific, the six (!) sets of solicitors have quite frankly been a complete waste of space and I don’t know how they have got anything done, I’ve had to chase and manage them through every single stage…considering it’s just a purchase of a flat I feel like it shouldn’t be this complicated.

In January I then moved out of my house back into my parents house because my buyer was threatening to pull out of the sale as things were taking so long. I completed the sale in February as my solicitor advised me the purchase was ‘a few weeks away’ so I’d just be living at home for a short time……….however as life seems to be following another plan this means it’s the end of July and I am still waiting! Thank goodness my parents are so awesome (even though I am sure they regret their offer now! …Sorry mum if you’re reading this!) and let me move back in, I am particularly enjoying more cuddles and walks with my favourite four legged friend *hearteyes*
Laura Life Update

I’m sure anyone can understand how frustrating this has been and how much it has completely taken over my life. For 10 months I have been making and taking phonecalls, sending emails, chasing for updates. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t do one of these things and now I only have a few days left before the mortgage offer expires and I lose a lot of money!

Moving home also meant almost all of my belongings went into storage, which was fine when it was supposed to be a few weeks. My belongings were boxed up and then the furniture removed last, which means it was packed in front of everything else and I can’t get to anything behind it without unpacking it all again…’s just a massive pain! I’ve had to buy quite a few bits and pieces even though I know I’ve got enough and didn’t need to get more. Plus I miss my funky armchair!!

Laura Life Update

So because of this and not having access to my usual ‘blogging kit’ and also the physical and mental space the blog has fallen to the back of the queue and priority list. I have so much to write about and share and I’m hoping when I get the keys (PLEASE KEEP EVERYTHING CROSSED THIS HAPPENS FOR ME THIS WEEK?!) I will be able to catch up. I’ve been on so many trips to distract myself and to so many afternoon teas, brunches and adventures you’ll be sick of all the pictures I’ll be uploading.

Life following ‘another plan’ has given me the opportunity to sign up for the trip of a lifetime to Canada for 2.5 weeks coming up soon, plus a few weekends in Snowdon, Dublin, and Edinburgh.

‘Another plan’ has also meant I’ve rejoined my old gym and am loving attending my favourite classes, building up my strength and finding swimming again which I used to love. So I’m trying to see the positives but it’s really hard when there isn’t an end in site and I just feel like I don’t really belong anywhere!

Laura Life Update

I could really do with some luck right now, so if you can send some luck or positive vibes my way then I will gratefully accept. Otherwise if all else fails I’ll gladly accept any gin recommendations or food suggestions for me to stuff my face with?

L xxx

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