Recent Purchases

I’ve mentioned lots of times how I’m on a spending ban yet seem to keep buying things due to my overdraft, sneaky!

It really has come to the depths now (sad face!) but luckily for me my mum took me shopping to encourage me to finish my dissertation when I was feeling really down about it all last week.
It’s rather a long post with lots of pictures but if you’re anything like me I love seeing what everyone buys, so make yourself a brew and get comfy and enjoy 🙂

Here’s what I bought!

Bottle green skin y jeans with gold zips – £15 from Primark

I saw these and loved them but I have issues buying trousers in Primark as I’m tall and rarely does anything fit!

But I was SO surprised to find these did and they wear pretty well too.

For £15 they’re an absolute bargain and I will be going back and getting some more as soon as a job finds me!!!

Next up were these gorgeous scarfs.

I love scarves and general winter clothes so these were an exciting buy for me (yes really!)

There’s a flowing black one with studs to wrap around and do whatever style you please, plus a grey snood with owls on.

Owls are a bit of a thing for me so this was perfect!

Both of these were also Primark and I think £4 each.

Next was this really cute blouse:

I love blouses like these and wear my other ones to death.

This has an updated collar and buttons though which make it look more expensive than the couple of pound it cost! (can’t remember exact number I’m afraid!)

Next are these gorgeous belts:

I’m a sucker for a black waist belt with metal detailing as I really love the cinched in look and also the rock chick look, so this Primark beauty was again perfect and I think £4 too!

The gold studded belt is absolutely beautiful and from Warehouse.

It comes in at a rather more pricey £18  in comparison with my other buys but its gold, studded and general perfection for everything that I wear!

(I also got 20% off the Warehouse belt as I got it from Debenhams at a 20% off day! So worth waiting for!)

I love my gold and although i own lots of silver items, they don’t seem to get a look in at the moment!

This is why I ended up also grabbing this cuff and collar necklace in Primark:

You can see the prices on the tags still. I’ve wanted a collar necklace forever but hadn’t found one I liked.

If anyone has a suggestion of a plain gold collar necklace i could get at an affordable price let me know please!

I haven’t found any recently.

Lastly, I can’t go into Primark and not buy shoes.

I wear their pumps and brogues until they fall apart (quite literally!)

These studded bad boys are perfect for the winter (if I don’t wear them to death by then!) and the brogues are a firm staple in my wardrobe.

I can’t see me being without them for a while, I’ve been wearing them for years as they go with everything, are so comfy and in a lovely metallic shade can be worn out too!

My last purchase in the shops comes in the form of my very own pair of disco pants:

These were from Alice & You at Debenhams (not on their website but apparently also sold at Dorothy Perkins.

I picked these up for £24 due to their being 20% off in Debenhams (originally £30)

I’ve worn them already and they are so damn comfy.

I feel like an extra from Grease but oh my they look and feel amazing!

Lastly are 2 other eBay purchases I’ve got recently.

Firstly a metal belt:

I’ve wanted a belt like this for AGES and originally bought the Celeb boutique one when I bought a dress as the belt was half price when you bought one.

However the dress wasn’t great and I had to send it back so sent the belt back too.

Long story short this was £5 on ebay and I just HAD TO HAVE IT.

You know the feeling!

Finally I bought these metal collar clips to update all of my shirts:

I know for a fact that I will want the shirts currently in fashion that are covered in cute collar clips.

I thought why not waste the money on buying new shirts when the clips cost a measly £2 off ebay and I can put them on whatever shirt I want!

So there’s my buys….rather a long post sorry about that!

What’s on your list for Winter??

I really want some of the other colours in the Primark jeans and no doubt I’ll be looking for a new coat, have you seen any must haves yet?

L xxx

(p.s. I feel like I should definitely mention my mum here, she bought me all of the Primark stuff as she’s so amazing! If she ever finds my blog maybe she’ll read this….thanks mum you’re the best!)


  1. Dipsy_Donz
    September 29, 2012 / 11:11 am

    I love the colour of those jeans from premark, I picked up the wine coloured ones this month 🙂 xx

  2. C.S.I Beauty Blog
    September 30, 2012 / 10:34 am

    Ahh i really want those! Wine colours are amazing and perfect for winter. If i can save some £££ then i will definitely be picking those up too 🙂

  3. Fashion Floozy
    September 30, 2012 / 5:25 pm

    I WANT the studded shoes!!hot!!

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