Zara Fragrances – Apple Juice and Zara Woman Gold

Happy Wednesday everyone!

It’s almost the weekend! I’ve got plans to go to Tenby with friends so I hope the weather holds out and we can go to the beach.

I was absolutely gutted when my perfume was discontinued a few years ago. I have managed to buy it off a few different sites for a while since then but now the stocks have well and truly gone and it was time for me to find a new one.

I am horrendously fussy when it comes to perfumes, I must have a sensitive nose as I find most of them completely overpowering. I have found a few perfumes to wear over the years but I think you definitely grow out of them too, so although initially I was sad my perfume had been discontinued after a while I thought it was time to change.

One of the few other perfumes I have liked it Chanel’s Chance. It’s a gorgeous scent and I like all variations of it, however I simply cannot afford the real deal. For £52 for the smallest 35ml bottle I can’t justify that on any month, it’s just too expensive. I’d adore owning the real thing……but for now there are dupes available!

Cue finding Zara’s Apple Juice:

Zara Perfume - Apple Juice

Zara Perfume - Apple Juice

Zara Perfume - Apple Juice

The scent is described as floral and fruity, and contains apple, orange, grapefruit, peony, jasmine, violet, sandalwood and cedarwood. There’s quite a mix!

I really really love it and the best part? IT SMELLS EXACTLY LIKE CHANEL’S CHANCE.

This is the best thing I have ever found and I’m obsessed with it! The bottle is a really sturdy square shape and made of glass. It’s very easy to throw into a weekend bag or even my handbag actually (not like I don’t carry the kitchen sink in it anyway!)

Zara Perfume - Apple Juice

Zara Perfume - Apple Juice

I wear this eeeeeeeeeeeevery day now, it’s my staple and I need to stock up and buy a load of bottles of it. Please Zara don’t ever stop making this or my heart might break.

The best part??? It’s £9.99 for 100ml. Like actually less than a tenner!!!!

I never want to stop smelling good and Zara is making this so easy! It’s so fresh and fruity it’s perfect.

So what do I wear when I’m looking for a bit more?? Cue Zara Woman Gold.

Zara Perfume - Gold

Zara Perfume - Gold

Zara Perfume - Gold

There are a few varieties of the Zara Woman fragrance including Gold, Rose Gold and Bright Rose.

I haven’t smelled the others but this one is described as woody/floral and contains peach, caramel, rose, jasmine, violet and cedar. Again, this doesn’t mean much to me but it might to you so I’m adding it in.

If you’re a fragrance buff it smells exactly like Paco Rabanne Lady Million, which is one I used to have a few years ago. It’s definitely a heavier scent so I tend to wear this in the winter months and particularly Christmas time and evenings.

Zara Perfume - Gold

Zara Perfume - Gold

The bottle for Zara Woman Gold is prettier than the Apple Juice fragrance, but anything in a tall bottle with a matte metallic lid was bound to appeal to me more.

And more good news…..this bottle is only £12.99 for 100ml!

I am actually really impressed with both of these scents and they suit my currently extremely small budget. I refuse to sacrifice looking and smelling good, so looking for alternatives has really opened my eyes as other cheaper fragrances have always put me off.

I will 100% be going back to Zara and trying out some of their other scents (watch me buy them all!). The only downside I have found so far is that they don’t seem to have consistent stock, some times they have some, then they have others, and then they have none at all!

So if you’re reading Zara….please keep stock full in your Cardiff store as they are obviously very popular!

Have you tried Zara fragrances? What’s your favourite? Do you know of any other dupes?

L xxx

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  1. Alice Snell
    May 2, 2017 / 9:45 pm

    Ooh I remember trying a Zara roll on perfume once and it smelt divine, these sound so lovely! Alice | alicemaysnell

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