Style Staple: Blazers

Happy Thursday!

I’m not normally one to put a lot of photos of myself onto the blog as I like to keep to myself and find taking them more complicated than others seem to. However I’m getting better at it so thought I’d branch out and write about my Style Staples.
As well as beauty I am also a massive fan of clothes, as you would expect. I find blazers the perfect accompaniment to most outfits and they seem to finish them off without being too overly smart.

My collection has been growing recently so I decided to share it with you and which styles I find go better with which outfits.

First up is the old favourite. This is a black/grey blazer from Dorothy Perkins which I bought quite a few years ago now. This is what I call my ‘Slouchy Blazer’.
It was black and it still is mostly, but from wear it has turned into a more grey black, as you’d expect a more vintage like blazer to look, which makes me love it more.

It has a waterfall front with two large pockets on either side which I suppose don’t serve much purpose as they’re too big and slouchy but they’re so comfortable to rest your hands in!
It’s easily thrown on with any outfit as it doesn’t do up so I mostly wear this with jeans for every day wear and layer it with scarves and leather jackets when it’s colder.


Next up is the newest in my collection; the orange Jogging Blazer from Zara.
This is my ‘Bright (and BEAUTIFUL) Blazer’.


This jacket is absolutely amazing and I’m so pleased I bought it. I’ve worn it out to many things since I bought it at the end of March; lunch meals with family, pub meet ups with the girls and on my birthday night out with my Lipsy Dress.


It just seems to go with EVERYTHING! It brightens up every outfit and can be worn done up or left undone  and the slightly shorter sleeves make it great to wear in any weather.


It’s definitely going to be a firm favourite for the summer!

This next one is one of my most prized possessions.
The timeless classic that is the Ralph Lauren military blazer. (i.e. my ‘Military Blazer’ – duh!)


I absolutely LOVE it.
The shape is beautiful and its made with such thick and good quality material I am hoping it will last a long time. The sleeves are lovely and long, the shoulders and waist tapered and fitted, and the length of the blazer sits perfectly on my hip.


The pocket is of course a primary feature of the blazer, and the crest is beautifully stitched and looks very regal with the feathers and crown. It’s one of my favourite parts of the blazer along with the buttons which are gold coloured and feature the same sort of detailing.


I love it pulls together any outfit and makes it look smart but it’s so comfortable it doesn’t feel like you’re all dressed up over the top.
I’ve worn it out with family for my birthday meal with jeans and with a dress and leggings and it looks great with all of them.
It was a birthday present so is fairly new to my wardrobe so I expect I will be wearing it a lot in future, especially as I feel like Kate Middleton knowing she’s a bit of a fan of Ralph! (I wish!)

This one is another Dorothy Perkins buy as I loved the black one so much that I went back last summer and picked up the cream version with black collar detailing.
This would be my ‘Summer Blazer’ I suppose.


It’s a little harder to wear as although its pretty much the same as the black one the material is thinner and I don’t feel it has quite the same look as the black one.
This one should get more wear than it does as I always seem to steer towards black (as you may notice considering this post contains three….) but I need to start varying my wardrobe as it does seem a little bit boring sometimes.


You can see in the photo above that this blazer has the same waterfall front and large pockets, but the front is a little more waterfall than the black and maybe why it gets worn less.

Finally we have the Warehouse blazer, which is one I picked up after Christmas when they had 20% off and I have quite honestly never looked back. I’d term this one the ‘Classic Blazer’.

I have been looking for a black fitted blazer ever since I bought the Dorothy Perkins one. The other got so much wear I knew I needed a fitted one for smarter occasions and snapped this one up when I got the chance!


It has super long sleeves which is lush when you’re tall as it doesn’t always happen, sits perfectly on the hip and tapers in all the right places.
The longer collar seems to elongate the body making you look slimmer and I love wearing it out with dresses.
I do love my Ralph one but I think that will be for smarter day wear occasions as this one has a similar effect but I wouldn’t mind taking this one out on the town with me as they sell very similar ones still and i know the style that will fit me to replace it.


The only downside to this one is that it doesn’t do up which would have made it even better. A hook and eye would have finished it perfectly and I’d be tempted to add one if i had any idea how to!

So what are your style staples? I think I will be doing more of these posts as I’m getting more confident in taking the pictures and I absolutely love blazers.

Which one of these is your favourite? Do you favour colour or classic? Military or slouchy?

L xxx

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