Review: Urban Decay All Nighter Make Up Setting Spray

I’d had my eye on this Setting Spray from Urban Decay for quite some time before M got it for me for my birthday (woohoo!)

I’m always looking for products that will make my make up last longer and stop the shine from appearing and allowing my make up to slide down my face.
I’m sure most of us are the same when it comes to looking for products like these!


We both tried to get our hands on this product over Christmas time but because they were being repackaged it was near impossible and after a few weeks of trying I gave up, so it was a LUSH surprise when M gave this to me! Along with some essential Soap and Glory goodies too, I was spoilt!

Here’s the blurb on the side of the box…


I love the colours they’ve used for this, the effect is so simple and I used this type of effect in my art GCSE sketchbooks so the writing and presentation wasn’t boring but didn’t take away from the product.

I also like that they’ve given you tips to apply the product in an X and T formation, which other similar products leave out.

Not only are there good instructions but also a list of stats from a 7 day study which sound promising!


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand is if that wasn’t enough the spray is oil and paraben free and utilises temperature control technology. What on earth more could you ask for!


So moving onto the packaging of the product, the colours follow on from the box and are kept really simple. I love simple as I’m always mentioning and  this is exactly what I like.
Each setting spray has a different colour; Chill is a cooling and hydrating spray and is lilac in colour, All Nighter is purple (shown below) and is for long lasting make up, and De Slick is grey and for oil control.


The spray is SO simple to use and a joy to apply, the X and T formation is very easy to understand covers the face after 2 goes but I do apply quite a bit as it’s so soothing!
It’s such a nice feeling as the liquid sinks in and feels like its hydrating my make up and ‘setting’ it at the same time.

My skin has been very confusing as of late and although I do still have the oily T zone I also have dehydrated skin which needs constant hydration. This was the best spray for me to have as my skincare is compensating for the oily/dehydrated issues and I just need help keeping my make up on my face for longer.


I would say this definitely helps to keep my make up looking fresher for longer. I’ve tried it at work and on nights out and it’s a joy to apply.
I’ve compared it to Collection’s Fix Me Up spray as well and can definitely say that this Setting spray works better as my make up lasted longer without shine appearing when it normally would have. It also works out better on cost too, when comparing size and price.

For 100ml of Collection’s Fix me up it would cost you £33.28, but for Urban Decay’s Setting Sprays it would only cost you £27.
I know which one I will be picking up!

Have you tried setting sprays? Which is your favourite from Urban Decay?

L xxx

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