Review: Stila One Step Illuminating Primer

Good morning! 

Hope you’re all doing well. I’m currently at my first ever work conference and I’m excited, nervous and a general bag of beans about it all.

It’s all paid for including meals and over nights stays by my company which is lovely and I’m going with another of the girls from work which will be good for some general bonding as I haven’t been there long.

But enough of the life updates, we’re here to talk about products!

Today I’ve got a review on a well known Stila One Step Illuminating Primer.

 photo 179_zpsc2ef9c27.jpg

I love using this when I’m in a ‘treat’ kind of mood or for weekends and nights out.
I’ve had it since Christmas and have used it most weekends when going out and to events like weddings etc, which when you see pictures below of the product you can see how much I still have left!

This is one of their triple swirled serums which not only primes, brightens and illuminates the skin but also fights wrinkles and smooths fine lines.
As if that wasn’t enough it also minimises pores, controls oil and generally hydrates and balances your skin.
This is just quite simply a bit of a wonder product really isn’t it?!

 photo 181_zpsaae75514.jpg

Being a triple swirled serum it absorbs into your skin really easily which is great when I’m in a rush, nobody likes sitting around waiting for things to sink in!
The serum is compiled of three different colurs for three different purposes.

Light gold highlights the skin, the pale pink warms the complexion and ‘kitten’ (an infamous Stila shade) brightens and illuminates.


As mentioned previously I still have so much left of this primer considering I’ve had it and been using it since Christmas. You need such a small amount to cover your face as it’s a serum and it looks great.


I could honestly look at this all day. Things like this will always baffle and entertain me, being a scientist I just want to know how it works and why!


You can see the primer once it has been dispensed on my hand below, it was the easiest way to show the colours, but even so they’re so hard to photograph it’s hard!



Both me and M are huge fans of Stila primers as we’ve already posted about their Color Correct serum previously. This was a great present from my mum at Christmas as she knew I’d love the illuminating one too!

It absorbs super quick, leaves a great base, illuminates my skin without being glittery and helps to keep my make up in place for the majority of the day.
In order to maximise my make up longevity I do often mix thi with Revlon’s PhotoReady primer for the benefits of them both combined and it’s a winning combo for me and my skin!

What’s your faovurite Stila product? I’ve seen some beautiful palettes and blushers, which would you recommend?

L xxx

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  1. TheBeautyHotSquad
    September 12, 2013 / 7:13 pm

    I love the swirls in the bottle!! I've never tried Stila before but I really want to try one now :)Becky xx

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