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Happy Sunday to you all, hopefully you are not feeling too hungover…which I’m assuming me and m probably will be!
We were out last night and planned on going to a few ‘dirtier’ places and who knows how the night would have turned out!

This week we have a review for you on the Bourjois Ultra Black Volumizer Mascara.
M had this sent to her and I picked it up in another Boots deals…so of course we decided to do a joint post.


This mascara is one I’ve never seen before, its a double wand effect.
This baffled me and I swiftly took it apart to see if it had two compartments and how it works.



The top brush (No.1) is lightly loaded for defined volume.

No.2 is a fully loaded brush with up to 11x more volume with a guaranteed no clumps claim….promising.

What actually happens is when you use No.1 the brush is fed through a smaller tube and therefore more mascara is removed from the brush for a lighter look. For No.2 the brush is more fully loaded and therefore increases the effects on the lashes.

The brush for No.1 is shown below, its a pretty standard mascara brush and to be honest I didn’t have high hopes for it. It’s got a tapered end which I quite like and isn’t loaded with too much mascara:

My photos were taken on my phone so they’re a bit poor, but you can get the general idea from them.

Below is one coat of the No.1:


I was really surprised, I instantly loved it. My lashes were more defined and lovely and feathery. They barely looked like they had any product on them at all and looked so natural, it’s the perfect work mascara!

No.2 can be seen below, this is the fully loaded brush for 11x more volume:



You can see above the brush has a lot more product loaded onto it and so would expect this to clump the lashes as it is a ridiculous amount!

However you can see how it looks on my lashes below:


A lot more product, more definition, more volume but no clumps!

I’m actually a little bit amazed at the effects and how little clumps there are. This has been a great surprise for me and I’d even buy it again.

It retails somewhere around £10.99….if the Boots website would actually load I’d be able to give a definitive answer but unfortunately it won’t…again.

L xxx


When I first tried this mascara I wasn’t convinced. I loved step 1 for a first coat but found step 2 just clumped my lashes so it ended up sat in my make up bag for a while.

After L picked it up I was reminded of it. I tried it out again and ended up loving it. I think it was one of those mascaras that gets better after it’s been open for a bit.

Step 1 perfectly separates and lengthens the lashes the internal structure removes most of the product from the wand so anyone that’s a fan of natural lashes will love this. step 2 adds volume to the lashes. I’ve found other mascaras like this I’ve tried just didn’t work but after giving this one a second chance I love it.

It lashes all day without flaking and doesn’t transfer to under eye concealer which I keep find happens lately.

Have you tired this mascara? How have you found 2 step ones?

Love M



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    I find drugstore mascaras are getting so expensive!Charli… beauty,fashion,lifestyle,hamsters x

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