Urban Decay B6 Vitamin Infused Complexion Prep Spray


Hope you’re all not suffering too much after a night out, fingers crossed the weather won’t be too bad today either!

A few weeks ago we attended a product showcase for Urban Decay and you can see our post on it here.

We were totally overwhelmed when we were given a goodie bag with the following contents:


So many things I’ve been lusting after for so long and I am eternally thankful for the chance to review it all!

We’d both heard a lot about the B6 Prep Spray and having used it at the product showcase we both knew how much we wanted it. It was such a fine mist and cooling on the skin leaving it feeling revived.




The B6 Spray contains the first stabilised form of Vitamin B6 which absorbs oil, minimises pores and reduces redness. It also contains Vitamin E providing anitoxidants and also willow bark which is rich in salicylic acid to help cell turnover.
There were many studies carried out on this spray which found that 81% had a measurable reduction in oil and shine, 78% had more radiant skin with fewer blemishes and redness and most had a measurable reduction in pore size.

The directions involve spraying directly onto clean skin before moisturiser, any time to refresh skin throughout the day and also at night before any treatment. Spray onto your skin from 8-10 inches away several times for the full effect.


The spray feels cooling on your skin and I genuinely enjoy applying it. As someone who isn’t especially a toner or thermal water etc an I wasn’t sure I’d like it at first but I can honestly say it lives on my bed side table now. It does feel cooling and I do think my skin has improved after using it though I cannot specifically say how. It’s odd but my skin is less red and my pores have improved in appearance.

I enjoy applying this although I do think that the mist is a little too generous sometimes. I find there’s a lot of fallout onto whatever I am wearing at the time of application which is a shame as I tend to think of this as gold dust now!

The Prep Spray can be purchased for £21.50 which I think considering the rate I’ve been using it and the amount that’s left is a pretty good price! Especially when bought at Debenhams….cannot forget to collect those Beauty Card points ladies!

What do you think of Prep Sprays? Will you be testing this one out?

L xxx

Hey all

I’m the opposite of L and I absolutely love toners and facial sprays. I love the refreshing feel of them and as someone with oily skin I really feel they make a difference.

The day we got our goodie bags I was very ill (suffering from the worlds worst hangover!) so my skin was suffering and I was very dehydrated. As soon as I got home I was spraying this on my face!


I love the packaging. It’s almost got a slightly rubberised feel to it and the nozzle sprays the finest mist meaning it can be applied over make up when the skin needs a pick me up without ruining the foundation. As L said I do need to be careful that it’s aimed just at the centre of the face though as the mist is so fine is does go everywhere otherwise.


After a few too many nights out, bad meals and sleeping in make up twice a week my skin is understandably not behaving at the moment so I’ve been switching up my skincare and this has been a very welcome new addition.

Using this in conjunction with a new toner has helped reduce the amount of spots I have, improve my oily skin and the redness left over from spots seems to heal quickly. I tend to use it morning and night and if I’m going out after work I spritz it on then for a little face pick me up!

I can see this fast becoming a skin care staple. I think the price point is reasonable and is around the price of the setting sprays (which I absolutely love!). You do get a lot of product and I can see it lasting ages.

If you’re having problem skin or just want it to be a bit brighter I’d really recommend it! Plus it’s currently triple points at Debenhams!

Love M


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