Good Things Manuka Honey Daily Moisturiser

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Skincare addict here with another review. I’ve been trying to keep my products to as natural as possible and recently with my skincare issues I’ve been reluctant to try anything that I haven’t used before on account of reacting to anything and everything.

Good Things have always been pretty good in my opinion and their Manuka Honey cleanser (review here) was really nourishing on my skin whilst also cleansing it pretty well too. When running low on moisturiser (as low as I ever run on products…) I picked up the Manuka Honey Daily Moisturiser with Royal Jelly and Bee Venom.


Firstly, sunshine yellow packaging always makes me happy. I like yellow and it always reminds me of my kitchen when I was growing up which was a farmhouse style with sunshine yellow walls. It was lush and the colour takes me straight back to that – and the food memories that come with it.

It also fits the theme of honey and bees so it works well. As with all Good Things products this is free from SLS, mineral oils and parabens which is always a great thing as the less chemicals the better.



So the range claims to help keep skin clear and hydrated and also help against skin ageing. This is fully the category that I find myself in now; hormonal breakouts have very much reduced but the fear of the first few wrinkles are definitely here. Maybe my wrinkles are here too but I’m not about to go and check and ruin my mood! *time to slap on more hydration*

The moisturiser is lightweight and also contains echinacea to promote skin longevity. Although it doesn’t advertise much about the sunscreen it does claim to be present though it doesn’t say to what factor so I wouldn’t rely on it.



I’ve been slapping this all over my face for the last few weeks as my morning moisturiser and my skin drinks it up. It absorbs easily, smells edible and doesn’t leave a greasy layer on top which means I can apply make up without it sliding down my face.

I’m not sure if the bee venom really does anything noticeable but the manuka honey is lovely and I think it’s one of the best things to be included in a skincare product.

I love it and now want the rest of the range.


This costs a whopping £7.99 and I firmly believe its worth every penny. Even better that it’s at Boots and is usually in a deal let alone the fact you can get points for buying it.

I’ve got the matching scrub on my list next for £4.99 and the mask for £6.99. just cannot go wrong for those prices!

Have you tried anything from Good Things? Do you like Manuka Honey in your products?

L xxx

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