Fitness Friday: Fit Clothes Wishlist

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Today’s post is MUCH later than planned courtesy of a mental week (house buying eek!) and my birthday so today’s post is a wishlist of all of the new sportswear that I’m seeing all over the shops at the moment. it’s too beautiful to ignore and I am sure I need some new bits to add to my collection and give me some more motivation to keep fit.

Florence and Fred (F&F) have an amazing range of sportswear that I had no idea about!

Here’s a few favourites of their range:


The sports bra is really cute and only £12, the matching leggins arre only £15!

They also have some great basics and their neon coloured trainers look really cool too, especially for only £20!

Body Science is a new brand to me but I’ve seen lots of their leggings and bras on the internet recently; and it’s not hard to see why!


These bras cost £36 each and are beautiful, I’m not brave enough to just wear these in the gym but they’d look fab under a black vest too! Hazel Wallace is modelling the camo bra and I’ve previously featured her in a Fitness Friday post here!

I also love their leggings which are mostly black and have patterns running through them, this is the Dahlia print leggings (view from the back shown) and they come in at £80.

You can find them here at Active in Style.

Lorna Jane is another brand I’ve heard of courtesy of Hazel Wallace and their Avana Excel tank top is definitely on my wishlist, Spring colours and a clever cut in at the waist to make you appear slimmer, lovely! This tank top is £40.

I love the patterns on these leggings and bra too, how can you not want to wear them?!


Leggings are £63 and the bra is £41.

I have definitely spent my birthday money 10 times over in my head after researching these! I love the new floral prints and brighter colours, everyone needs a bit more colour in their life right!

Which one is your favourite? Have you heard of these brands before? Did you know Florence and Fred did active wear?

I love that there are so many more options now for sports wear on the high street!

L xxx

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