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Hope you’ve had a good weekend! L and I have been to a friends baby shower this weekend and then I’ve been in Somerset with my family.

Lately life always seems so busy and me and the other half always seem to spend loads on food by going to the supermarket hungry or because we eat out. Some evenings by the time we’re ready to cook it’s 8/9 pm and sorting out food seems hassle.

I saw an advert for Hello Fresh somewhere (I can’t remember where now maybe a free thing that came through the door) offering £20 off the first box. So £19 for 3 meals for 2 people delivered to the door seemed a pretty good deal.

Hello Fresh is a meal delivery service that delivers what need for the meals. You can chose 3 meals for 2 or 4 people or 5 meals for 2 or 4 people. Then everything you need gets delivered to you with the exception of olive oil and salt and pepper.



I thought I’d share with you the first box we got. Since recieving the first box we’ve gone on to have about 5 or 6 more and they are currently on hold as my other half is in Africa for the next couple of weeks.

The boxes have always been delivered on a Tuesday and two of these have been bank holidays but the food has always been fresh and the well packed (with the exception of one piece of ginger in one of the boxes that was too small and had dried a little!). The meat and things that need to be refrigerated are in a wool bag with a cooling gel.




Most of the meals take between 25 – 45 minutes to cook and come with simple easy to follow recipe cards. The timings are pretty accurate and the meals have all been easy and quick to cook and for ingredients that aren’t so common there are tips on how to use that product. The food all seems great quality and is sometimes organic. I was pleased to see the chicken in the boxes we’ve had has been free range (I’ve got my parents loving the boxes too and since my mum has had them she’s not enjoy chicken breast from the supermarket as it’s just not as juicy she says!)



The first meal was a lush mix of peppers, tomoatoes, onions, chorizo, quinoa and feta. We split this into three meals and had it for lunches. It was so tasty. We’ve really noticed the difference between using fresh herbs and things like stock pots!!




The stir fry was so simple but so full of flavour. The fact veggies are picked for when there in season really makes a difference and the flank steak was such an amazing quality with no fat on it and so juicy!



Here are a couple of other meals we’ve cooked. We’ve totally become addicted and after two boxes you get 3 free box codes for friends. 

I was curious to see the price so plugged in as much of a comparison as I could on Sainsburys last week. It was a touch dearer than a full price box but you would have had things like vinegar left over. For the convenience we’ve really enjoyed the boxes and actually think we are probably saving money as we’ve not been great with planning. Our plan is to enjoy a few more boxes then use the recipes and be better at meal planning.


We’ve loved Hello Fresh. If you fancy trying a box you can use this code (QT49ZU) for £20 off your first box. If you order a original box there is also meal swap options.

Have you used a food delivery service like this? Would you?

Love M 


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  1. Leanne Cornelius
    June 22, 2015 / 8:03 pm

    I love Hello Fresh and am missing the boxes so much!It is so interesting that you have done the comparison and it worked out cheaper, I'm now very tempted to get the boxes again!Leanne – A Slice of My Life Wales

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