Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Iced Platinum Review*

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Hope you’ve had a great weekend! Mine had been spent moving in with C. We’ve finally got our own little place. We’ve managed to get lots sorted and our downstairs is all arrange but the two spare rooms still need lots of work!

Just before we moved I tested out the Scott Cornwall Colour Restore in Iced Platinum. A few months back I put a box dye on my hair and it went really brassy. My hair has a tendency to do this but I still haven’t learnt! I tried my usual favourites that have previously worked (Bleach London Toner and Bblonde!) great at lifting out the brassiness but nothing was helping so when I was offered the chance to try this I couldn’t wait!

The Colour Restore contains no peroxide or ammonia which is great as bleached hair is usually pretty damaged and my box dyed hair was no exception (my mistake on my box dye I think was choosing one without ammonia, I think my hair needs proper bleach!). 


There are three different ways you can use Colour Restore as you can see about, It can be used like a purple shampoo to maintain brightness, create more of a highlight effect by using the comb through method or be used for whole head toning. I opted for the third method! The kit also comes with one set of gloves which is great as it does annoy me when toners don’t have them!


The product is a deep purple which you would expect. It’s a thick creamy consistency and really easy to apply because of this. I just squeezed it onto the gloves, rubbed it all through my hair, combed through it and then left it to do it’s magic for 20 minutes. After washing it out hair is just styled as normal. My favourite thing about this is how soft my hair felt after washing it out. The bleach london one has me reaching for a conditioning mask but with this I just washed it out and styled it. My hair was so soft and shiny after!


And the result as that’s what everyone wants to see. I think the lighting is a bit different in the photos which I know isn’t the most helpful. The brassiness isn’t fully gone but has massively improved and it has really blended the two distinct banding that I had in my hair before. My housemate as soon as she saw me also asked if I’d been to the hairdressers and had it done so I do think it looks better in person!

The Colour Restore also comes in browns, reds and various blonde shades! Which is great for topping up the hair in between dyes without damaging it. 

I’ll definitely be repurchasing this over the other toners now as it’s done a slightly better job and left my hair in better condition!

You can pick up colour restore and the great decolourer from boots!

Do you tone your hair?

Love M



  1. Hannah Latoya Bond
    October 26, 2015 / 1:18 pm

    This looks a great product. My hair is bleached too and can go brassy x

  2. Kelly Allen
    October 27, 2015 / 8:17 am

    Love this, your hair looks great! I have just gone darker and I HATE it 🙁 Can't wait to be blonde again. Love that this product contains no peroxide or ammonia- how fab! x

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