How I Store My Lush Products

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Today I thought I’d share something different today and do a peek into my bathroom and share how I store my lush products! For ages I just left them in the bags but they weren’t preserved very well so when my mum got me these gorgeous little suitcases I knew they’d be perfect!

Lush Product Storage Vintage Suitcases

She picked these up from a local shop back in my home town called This is it! I know places like the range, B and M bargains and TK Maxx have similar products. I’ve found these are the perfect size so that I can be a bit more organised with my product stash!

Lush Product Storage Vintage Suitcases

The top one I keep for scrubs, soap, shower gel and solid shampoos. It fits a surprising amount in it. I love the closures, handles and all the details on these.

Lush Product Storage Vintage Suitcases

The larger one is the perfect depth for bath bombs and bubble bars and fits loads of them in. I’ve also got a shower jelly and body conditioner in here at the moment as the top one was full! These come in a set of three and are perfect for pretty storage options around the house. These are similar from eBay. I’m currently doing out my dressing room so going to order more for in there! 

How do you store your products?

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