Zoeva Complete Eye Brush Set Review

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A few months ago it was my birthday and one of the things I asked for was the Zoeva Complete Eye Brush set. I’d wanted it for ages but parting with £60 at one time was something I couldn’t face doing. I thought I’d review them as since I’ve got them I absolutely love them and reach for them over all my other eye brushes! One thing to note is although Zoeva don’t test their products on animals this isn’t a vegan suitable set as the brushes are a mixture of natural and synthetic bristles. They do do a range of vegan brushes though so in future I would only get these ones.

Zoeva complete eye brush set review

The set itself contains 12 brushes (I’m missing one in my photographs as I’d lost it at the time!) and comes in a good quality make up bag. So even though they are pricey for the set it only works out at £5 a brush. For the brushes singularly they vary from between £8-£9 ish! I’ll definitely be purchasing more Zoeva brushes!

Zoeva complete eye brush set review

For me there are two amazing brushes I reach for daily. They’re the brow line brush (I never knew I needed this until I had it. It’s amazing for concealer to makes your brows look really sharp!) and the Luxe defined crease. This brush wasn’t one I expected to love as it’s not densly packed with bristles but it just makes blending a dream!

Zoeva complete eye brush set review

The brush not pictured is the fine liner brush. I love this, it makes winged liner with eyeshadow so easy as it’s bent and very precise. I’ve been using it with shadows so I can experiment with different coloured winged liner. 

Zoeva complete eye brush set review

For me I use most of the brushes daily. They may eyemake up looks so easy! The pencil is perfect for getting that inner corner liner, the smudger makes it easy to put eyeshadow under the lower lashes. All of the crease brushes make blending a dream and allow me to really focus colour on certain areas! I’m pretty sure they’ve made my make up application better. I haven’t really used three brushes from the set yet, these are the wing liner brush (I don’t currently have gel liner so think I’d use it if I had one) the detail shader and the concealer brush!

I’ve listed below what categories the brushes fall into. Zoeva do sell crease and blend brushes that are synthetic! I would grab these next time. 

Synthetic Brushes in the Set (vegan)

  • Smudger Brush
  • Fine Liner Brush
  • Wing Linger Brush
  • Browline Brush (my absolute favourite!!)
  • Concealer and Buffer Brush

Natural haired brushes

  • Luxe Defined Crease Brush
  • Soft Definer Brush
  • Pencil Brush
  • Petit Crease Brush
  • Smokey Shader Brush
  • Detail Shader Brush
  • Crease Brush

After trying these I feel like I need the face set now too! Maybe one for the Christmas list!! Have you tried the Zoeva brushes? They’re definitely worth the hype for me.

My mum got me these from Beauty bay and one brush was a little damaged but they were so quick to replace it for me I just thought I’d mention as I think great customer service deserves recognition!

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