Miss Patisserie: Coconut Cleansing Bar

There are many reasons why me and M decided to blog together, not only are we close friends but we really do love the same things!

M recently picked up the Charcoal Cleansing Bar from Miss Patisserie, you can read the review here

In a totally separate trip (and not with M) I picked up the Coconut Cleansing Bar – so what did I think?


The Coconut Cleansing Bar contains a number of moisturising oils, purifying powders and skin softening clays. Each bar contains different essential oils and other ingredients depending on the skin type.

The coconut cleansing bar contains coconut oil, olive oil, sustainable palm oil, castor oil, shea better and may chang oil.



The packaging for this bar is pretty simple, it has the same monochrome stripes as other Miss Patisserie products and the lovely script font of the name. I do appreciate a good font!

The bar itself is a sandy coloured bar, there are also Pink clay and Charcoal bars which are as you would expect, pink and black respectively.


This bar is perfect for normal to dry skin so this was perfect for me, I still have an oily t-zone but also my skin has started getting drier with age (urgh!)

You can use this both for face and body but I have been using this for face only. It lathers up really easily and removes most make up. It doesn’t remove all eye make up but that would be impressive with the large amount of industrial eyeliner and mascara I wear!

My skin always feels clean but not tight afterwards so it’s not stripped of all the natural oils in the skin.


Have you tried any of the cleansing bars from Miss Patisserie? These cost £5.25 and seem to last longer than any liquid cleansers that I also use. I would definitely recommend trying the coconut cleansing bar if you think this might be suitable for your skin

What’s your favourite cleanser? Do you like liquid or solid cleansers?

L xxx

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