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Hope you’ve had a good weekend. It’s nearly Christmas, I’m so ready for a few days off work now. If you’ve been following the blog for a while now you’ll have noticed my hair changes colour a lot.

Here’s a selection of some of the colours it’s been, as you can see I’ve tried a lot of colours (there was a bright blue but I can’t find a photo) and it gets change regularly. Since moving to Cardiff I’ve switched between salons a lot. I struggle to find one I like long term so usually just dye my hair myself and then go for a cut. I’ve now found a salon that are amazing though and perfect for what I want.

Back in November time last year I saw a post asking for hair models, as I like to save money wherever possible I got in touch. I’m totally laid back when it comes to hair so I’ve done hair modelling before because with colour a hairdresser can do anything they like to it.

Photo credit Alex Keen, Hair Slunk, MUA Ryo Love.

This was the finished result!!! How amazing is the colour. I knew straight away I’d found a hairdressers. 

My hair was bleached up for this shoot at the end of Jan and hasn’t been rebleached since. I’m so impressed with how blonde it has stayed by just using the purple shampoos. Last week I decided to book myself in for a pre-xmas hair do and could not be more pleased with the results!! Beware photo spam!! The OH took a lot of photos and the colours looked amazing I couldn’t narrow it down ha!

Slunks Rainbow Mermaid Hair

Slunks Rainbow Mermaid Hair

Slunks Rainbow Mermaid Hair

I’m so pleased with how it turned out. I wasn’t sure what I wanted so suggested a few colours to them and got this amazing result!! They used a selection of Directions and Crazy Colours (possible other brands too) to create the look. The green is a directions one and now a favourite of mine. I’ve not had green all over before. I may be doing green and purple next I think. Joel, Chelsea and Chris are all amazing. They also do amazing balayage work and isn’t all bright colours but if you are after anything a bit different with your hair Slunks is definitely the hairdressers you need to go to!

Are you experimental with your hair?

Love M


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