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Hope you’ve all got lovely things planned for the weekend – it’s my birthday tomorrow so I’m spending today catching up on a few jobs, getting my Mother’s Day gifts sorted and I’m going to treat myself to a good bath and pamper session later on tonight! I’m quite excited to try out some new bath bombs, turning into such a grandma with my cosy evenings!

Today’s review is of a hair wonder product from L’Avoly.

L'Avoly 10 in 1 The Special One

I hadn’t heard of L’Avoly before receiving this product from Salon Success just before Christmas but the bright packaging caught my eye.

I’m always a bit wary of ‘wonder products’ as quite often they can completely overload my hair as they’re just too heavy. Although it can get quite dry and needs hydration it also gets greasy pretty quickly (hence why I had to get rid of my fringe, far too much effort for me!)

But being the product obsessive that I am I still couldn’t wait to try it. After reading the box I was really impressed with the list of benefits:

1. Detangles

2. Prevents split ends
3. Boosts shine
4. Controls frizz
5. Heat protection
6. Moisturising
7. Protects hair colour
8. Protects against damage from salt and chlorine
9. Provides UV protection
10. Primes your hair ready for styling.

Quite a list of desirable qualities don’t you think??

L'Avoly 10 in 1 The Special One

I’ve been using the leave in treatment for the last few weeks (actually since January). I apply it onto damp hair before drying it with the hair dryer and it has felt more hydrated and generally in better condition.

This means it is easier to detangle, less frizzy and dare I say it, shinier!

The pump is really sturdy too, I just use one pump for the ends mostly and occasionally all the way through my hair for a boost.

L'Avoly 10 in 1 The Special One

L'Avoly 10 in 1 The Special One

L'Avoly 10 in 1 The Special One

I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a hair wonder product that is really easy to use and won’t overload your hair. I can’t vouch for the UV, salt and chlorine protection but generally when your hair is in better condition it won’t have split ends and will be more manageable therefore ticking off the other benefits in one swoop.

I don’t swim very much any more nor do I get out in the sun often so probably won’t be able to test those two but for the other factors it gets a tick from me! I use this once a week now the weather is a bit kinder and will continue to use it.

You can purchase this from any supplier of Salon Success products and I believe it retails for £15

Have you tried this product before? Have you tried anything else from L’Avoly?

Let me know if you have suggestions!

L xxx

This product was given to us for review, but my opinions are honest as always!

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