Top Cruelty Free Glycolic Acid Peel Results

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As you know, we love skincare and trying anything to help with ageing. We’ve been loving trying out the Bravura range which we were lucky enough to be sent to try. You can see the other products we’ve already reviewed here.

We couldn’t wait to try the Bravura Glycolic Acid 10%. We’ve had great results from chemical peels in the past and had been looking for more which was how we originally came to find Bravura. Chemical peels sound and can be scary but by using 10% it’s a safer way for people to use at home and get the great benefits of a chemical peel.

The packaging is sleek and feels expensive in the glass bottle with gold labelling, the dropper is a great addition to the peel as it makes it easier to use. We also got sent the brushes which make doing the peel even easier, you can use fingers but you need to make sure you wash your hands well after if you do.

Bravura Glycolic Acid 10% skincare review

So why is Glycolic Acid good to use? It can help with acne, sun damage, enlarge pores, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and more. It helps to increase cell turnover to smooth skin, help with elasticity and even skin tone. It also stimulates the skin to produce more collagen to help with wrinkles and fine lines.

Bravura Glycolic Acid 10% skincare review

Bravura Glycolic Acid 10% skincare review

So does it work? The benefit of using a 10% acid means it safer to use at home and can be used more regularly, I’ve been working this into my routine and using it every other day. I apply it to clean skin using the brush and leave for 15 minutes (this is the maximum time it can be left on the skin for and it’s best to start off leaving it on for a few minutes and increasing this time as your skin can tolerate it), it leaves a slight tingle on the skin but nothing unbearable. I then just rinse my skin with water and moisturise. One important step is to make sure you use SPF after you’ve done peels, I’ve been using my Neal’s Yard one I feature in this post. 

The Glycolic acid is amazing at making my skin feel so soft and smooth and has really been helping the spots I get at that time of the month, it’s helped dry them out and clear them up quicker. I’ve loved adding this into my skincare!

Have you tried a peel? Would you?

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