Girl Power: The Rise in Inspirational Female Heroes

Recently I’ve been trying to make sure I get some down time throughout the week – by this I mean the occasional 15-60 minutes to read, watch TV, paint my nails and listen to podcasts. I used to love doing all of these things and being a real adult now with real responsibilities means you never seem to find the time!

I’ve been watching a lot of book to screen adaptation recently as a crossover of reading/watching TV and wanted to talk about the rise in inspirational female leads. Female heroes are starting to pop up everywhere and as a (self titled) sassy independent female I LOVE IT! There’s so many films and TV programs available now with a female lead, even adverts such as Oled TVs Panasonic show a badass looking female super hero on the TV with a family watching.This is exactly what should be happening! 

So today I wanted to share my personal favourite female heroes

1) Wonder Woman:

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The first option simply has to be Wonder Woman. For me personally I waited a long time for the film to come out and it didn’t disappoint. I’ve always loved watching all superhero films (although there’s so many it can be hard to keep up!) and it has been a long time coming for a film with a female lead.

Wonder Woman is not only amazing for the female lead storyline but also for the super cool island full of female warriors. I follow some fitness accounts on instagram and loved that some of them were chosen to be extras in the film for genuinely strong and fit females with bodies of all shapes and sizes.

2) Black Widow

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Black Widow seems to have been forgotten in recent times but for us she was the original female superhero having starred in the Iron Man and Avengers films since 2010 and been the only other main female superhero. We went to see these films as much for her as we did for Thor and Captain America!

She’s battled a troubled past and losing loved ones to become a super sassy woman with skills ranging from ballet, gymnastics, acrobatics, a range of martial arts as well as a whole host of intellectual abilities. She is sole proof that girls can be and do anything she wants regardless of whether it’s seen as a boys sport. She seems to be underrated in my opinion and wears a black all in one like no other!

3) Hermione Granger

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I couldn’t write a post on inspirational females without mentioning Hermione Granger. Who said libraries weren’t the best place to start with any issue you are facing?

Harry and Ron wouldn’t have got anywhere at all without Hermione and thanks goodness J K Rowling put her in there! Harry Potter is one of the greatest book series of all time and having a female lead who is obsessed with libraries, helping people of all background (Dobby!) and still needing to throw the occasional punch meant that so many girls felt more comfortable being themselves and embracing their inner geek.

4) Katniss Everdeen

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I personally LOVED the Hunger Games. I’d love to reread and rewatch all of the stories again soon. Jennifer Lawrence is pretty badass in real life and I’d love to be her friend, but she portrayed Katniss Everdeen so unbelievably well.

She fought for her sister and almost every single person she loved as well as those she didn’t even know existed. Katniss endured her father’s death, mother’s depression and living with near starvation so survival is her number one aim.

Again, she showed that learning to use things like a bow and arrow isn’t just for boys, as well as learning to hunt and climb trees. She makes me want to learn all of this and spend more time outdoors, even though I hope I’m never in a Hunger Games situation!

5) Violet Baudelaire

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Last on my list but certainly not least is Violet Baudelaire. You may or may not have read the books A Series of Unfortunate Events but they have recently been made into a TV series on Netflix and I have been HOOKED. The second parts have been released recently and I’m savouring each episode because they are so entertaining and clever.

I won’t go into detail of the storyline but Violet Baudelaire is one of the orphans and the main female lead. She is 14 years old at the beginning of the series, is already a huge fan of libraries and is a keen inventor. She is regularly shown in the series tying her hair back when things get serious and she needs to overcome another problem by making something which is always successful and rescues them from many situations. If I had children I would be making them watch this series not only because it is truly entertaining but Violet is a great role model looking after her younger siblings and being clever enough to create new inventions.

Who are your female heroes? What book/TV series/films are your favourites for showing an inspirational female lead?

L xxx

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