Review: Soap and Glory Pulp Friction

I’ve been through my fair share of body scrubs and I really have to say that this one rates really highly, …and possibly the highest.

Soap and Glory’s Pulp Fiction is a sand coloured scrub with red and black grains in it.

I was really surprised at how much it lathered up, which was super amazing as I hate it when they stick on your skin and coat it with an oily type substance that has to be washed away after.

(personal pet hate of mine, applying fake tan after this is NOT ideal…)

This scrub has NONE of that, it lathered up like your normal shower gel, wasn’t abrasive but had enough grains in to have an effect and give my skin a good exfoliation.

The packaging is beautifully pink and flavoured with their relatively new fragrance called Fruitigo, which is fig, frozen yuzu, sweet orange oil and pomelo essence….none of which I am confident in describing!

Regardless of this, it’s an amazing scrub with the super bonus of a gorgeous smell and an amazing lathering action, helping the product to go that little bit further in comparison to the one I was using before.

Definitely my current favourite, possibly my all time favourite!

What do you think of Pulp Friction??

L xxx

As we’ve come to expect from Soap and Glory it has it’s cute vintage pink packaging (which I love and I’m always drawn to) and it’s quirky name.

This is a different type of exfoliator to one I’ve tried before, I’m used to them being in a pot and leaving the oily residue behind that L mentioned (personally I like this as I think of it as a bit of extra moisturiser).

I did still like this product and have been using it every other day for a few weeks. It is a gentler exfoliator and while I like it I definitely think I prefer Soap and Glory’s flake away one.

I really like how it lathers up on the skin and I find it much easier to rub in, the harsher scrubs I find can tend to leave my hands a bit tingley feeling by the time I’ve rub it all in. It also does have a gorgeous scent that leaves my shower smelling gorgeous.

For me I wouldn’t repurchase, for two reasons (one really lazy) I prefer it to be in a pot, I just find it easier to scoop my fingers in, and secondly I prefer Flake Away.

Have you tried Pulp Friction and Flake Away? Which is your favourite?

Love M


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  1. Sunny
    March 17, 2012 / 5:01 pm

    I find Soap and Glory products to be amazing, I really want to try this one out 🙂 x

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