Beauty Rehab

I am both proud and appalled at my usage this month…proud at how much I’ve got through and again, appalled at how much I still have to get through!

Here’s what I managed to use up this month:

St Ives sugar body scrub: Love the tub so I can scoop handfuls out and it’s not too expensive either, would possibly repurchase

Soap and Glory’s Sit Tight: Love this product for getting rid of the extra orange peel on your thighs! The warmth as you sit down and do nothing just makes it feel even better too 😉

Nick Lowe Night Cream: I liked the consistency of this and it sunk into my skin nicely but felt a little too much for my oily skin sometimes, don’t think I’d repurchase

Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser: absolutely loved this tester from Red magazine, have bought the full version so I can review it properly!

Collection Illuminating Touch concealer: Loved the ease of use of the pen and the concealer covered very well, particularly the bags under my eyes! Would definitely repurchase as it was such good value for money

Natural Collection Antique Coral: Have had this for ages and absolutely loved the colour, perfect for spring and summer and would definitely repurchase

Schwarzkopf Got 2b Guardian Angel Hair Protector: I don’t really use hair protector much but know i should so I made the effort to use this, I believe my hair is in much better condition for doing so though I’m not sure why! I only seem to blow dry my hair at the moment and rarely style it with irons or a wand so using heat stylers may be a different story. Because of this I wouldn’t repurchase this…but if my hair gets worse I’ll buy it again!

Tigi Bed Head Superstar Conditioner: Absolutely loved this product, would repurchase again without hesitation. Lovely smell and amazing results, if you’re lucky you can get this in TK Maxx!

Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation: More than loved this foundation too, it really worked well in giving a more awake effect and I have just repurchased another bottle for being so good and finishing 3 foundations off (see more below!) Goes on like a dream and is much higher quality than some of their other foundations

Lush Brazened Honey face mask: Was bribed into buying this one by the assistant even though I wanted the chocolate one, it was a bad decision and I haven’t been back since! I didn’t even finish this product, it didn’t smell all that great when you had it on your face and it was so rough on my skin that it was almost painful to take off. Cardiff Lush I am not impressed, you lost yourself a customer!

Soap and Glory Off you Face Wipes: Had a breakout whilst using these wipes and I’m pretty sure it was caused by using these wipes. I don’t think it was a reaction to them, more like it didn’t clean off enough of the dirt off my face so it built up, wouldn’t purchase again just in case!

Kerastase Bain Satin Shampoo: Loved this! Even though its for drier hair, my hair was never too greasy after using it and felt in great condition. Would definitely repurchase!

Charles Worthington Take Aways hairspray: Have had this in my bag for a while now for touch ups, the bottle lasted quite a long time (that’s why it’s a bit bashed!) but as far as hair spray goes, I’m afraid Tresemme Freeze hold already has my heart!

Inecto Pure Coconut Hair Repair Treatment: This was bought from Home Bargains when my hair was feeling awful after spending so much time at the gym and swimming in the pool, it worked a treat for the minimal price that it cost, though can definitely load the hair with product quite easily and it contains a long list of parabens that I’d usually avoid

Avon Care Smoothing Body Lotion: I absolutely loved this moisturiser, it sinks in so fast and really does work, my skin felt amazing. I particularly love buying them when they’re on offer which they frequently are, they must be a good seller as there’s a few varieties and I would definitely repurchase

Soap and Glory Pulp Friction: Loved this product. Loved the smell, the texture, the foaming and the results. Would definitely buy again, especially in the 3 for 2 deals!

No7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream for Oily skin: Initially I loved this product as it wasn’t too heavy on my skin and is a thinner cream almost like a lotion, however as time went on I wasn’t very inspired by it and I didn’t feel like it was doing much for my skin. Wouldn’t buy this again

Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro Primer: I quite liked this product, I do feel that it worked quite well at keeping my make up on longer than it would otherwise and for the price (around £6 I think) is definitely worth it if you just want your make up to last a little longer. However i think for now i will still continue my search for the ultimate primer!

So there we have it…I’ve been trying extra hard to use up more products and I have a feeling it won’t be long until another post either!

Do you think I’ve done well? Have you been doing a similar thing recently or have you given up on using old products and given into temptation for new ones?

L xxx

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