Review: Mac Eye Brows

I am SO excited to show you this purchase!

I have wanted a higher end eye brow product as after having my eyebrows done in Mac for my birthday makeover I absolutely loved the look they gave me and my Sleek brow palette, whilst great for every day use isn’t quite the right colour for me.

After browsing the Mac website I decided I was going to get an eye brow product. 

It’s odd as it’s like a pencil but they don’t call it a pen, pencil, crayon or anything like that, it’s just known as ‘Eye Brows’….but I’ve decided it’s a crayon!

It’s boxed as usual in the iconic black and white packaging and is a really streamline small box which I always like as unnecessary packaging is….well unnecessary. 

It’s a waste of time, money and materials but Mac are always ahead of the game with this kind of thing, particularly with their Back to Mac scheme

I picked up the crayon in Spiked, which for me is the perfect brown.

My eyebrows are actually black but as my hair is brown, having black eyebrows would look a bit silly (in my opinion) so I needed a dark brown that isn’t too reddy in tone as that look silly on me too!

So onto the crayon itself:

It’s a sleek pencil shaped product with a plastic nib area that you twist to get the product out.

This is very handy as it will never snap and you never need to sharpen it, genius!

It’s got quite a small tip so application is pretty easy and precise

In fact, it may even be a little too precise for my liking, it takes a little while for me to fill in the gaps in my brows and define them to a look I like!

You can see in the picture below how small the end is, which I would much rather prefer than it be too big and end up with me drawing all over my forehead…

So here’s one of my eyebrows….I had serious issues trying to take a picture without me squinting, pulling a face and generally not getting my eyebrow in the shot so the photos aren’t great, sorry!

All I have on is foundation in this shot:

You can see they’re pretty dark but need filling in because I have some gaps in them.

I’ve never had my eye brows done but always wanted to. Maybe one day I’ll get round to getting them done professionally!

So I filled them in using the crayon which is so easy to do and you can easily add more as you go if you don’t want to do too much in one go:

In the above picture I have generally filled in the gaps and shaded lightly which I find is all I need for day wear, especially as my skin is so pale!

The crayon is so easy to use and doesn’t drag on the skin at all. I also find it lasts all day and doesn’t smudge down your face at all during the day.

When I go out however I up the ante in all respects!

More foundation, more bronzer, eyeshadow etc etc and define my brows to match.

I don’t have eyeshadow on in the picture below but you get the idea!

Do you have any brow products you love? Have you tried the Mac crayon?

What do you think of the results?

L xxx


  1. maligreen
    July 20, 2012 / 8:03 pm

    This looks like such a lovely product 🙂 you have beautiful eyebrows! x

    • C.S.I Beauty Blog
      July 20, 2012 / 8:21 pm

      Thank you <3 I can definitely see this being a permanent feature of my make up collection! x

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