101 Things in 1001 Days: Update!

I’ve decided as its the beginning of the year it’s time to do an update of my ‘101 Things in 1001 Days’ .

We do in fact have separate pages for each of our lists which you can find here

However after a year not many things have been ticked off, mainly as I spent most of my time finishing my Masters before getting a job in a retail store full time which took up unsociable hours for the 3 months before Christmas.

So I’ve decided seeing as it has been a year I would like to review my list, update it and possibly change a few that may now be unachievable etc.

I suppose that may be seen as cheating but I’d rather be honest about it and admit defeat on a few of them, and replace them with another task to try and complete instead as I don’t want to give up!

I have made a general update on the page with tasks that I have completed, and listed other things like new films and books that I’ve completed in the hope to tick another task off.

I will be editing the following:

16.   Learn a language enough to be able to hold a lengthy conversation – I’m not sure I will have time for this anymore. I also have No.67 so will combine the two and add in an extra one instead. This one will now be to learn the basics in a language, I used to know some French so I will revise this again.

18.   Give blood more regularly, aiming for at least twice a year. This hasn’t happened at all in 2012, i was ill for some of it and just never made it there. I will attempt this again in 2013!

19.   Host a dinner party (this will no doubt be disastrous and something similar to Bridget Jones’s blue soup and marmalade dessert) – Until I move into my own place this is unlikely to happen, I will replace it for the time being.

26.   Lose weight, not going to put a number on this as I just want to feel comfortable in my own skin – I have lost some weight and would like to lose a little more (10lbs) , but also ‘toning up’ needs to be added to this as that is most important to me now.

28.   Get some sort of science work published in a journal – This was a possibility with my research project but unfortunately as the research area was so big i would have needed a PhD to cover it and publish it! Will replace with a new task!

30.   Say yes to 100 things I would normally say no to – i did not think about how hard it would be to actually check this off, I am trying to do new things but that’s hard enough in itself and is the main reason for this list anyway. I will replace this one with a new task!

35.   Do at least 10 new outdoor things (I’m hoping running counts as I’ve never done it before? Yes? Brill! Also went hiking and tubing in NC) – 10 was ambitious. I will be reducing this to 5 as i can’t even think of 10 outdoors tasks to do! And hopefully I will be more likely to complete it if it feels achievable.

55.   Get a job related to my degree – Totally out of my control and even with a masters seemingly impossible. however i do have another 1 year and 10 months to get somewhere

64.   Finish collecting the Classic Disney DVD’s for my collection (kid at heart!) – This requires some serious dosh sometimes for the real oldies! This isn’t really a good use of my money any more (growing up!) I would prefer to change this for a new one.

67.   Learn basic conversation in 3 languages – See No.1

68.   Write 10 short stories – totally forgot about this! Need to come up with some ideas!

69.   Learn basic household DIY – I need a man to teach me.

70.   Learn basic things to fix on a car – Ditto.

71.   Catch a fish, cook it and eat it – This would be lovely but I don’t know anyone that fishes! This is an ‘abroad’ job where you can easily go fishing for a day.

72.   Learn a new word per week – Definitely didn’t do this in 2012! Needs to be replaced.

76.   Volunteer at least twice – I can’t really see this happening in my dire state of finance right now. Hopefully 2013 will be a good year for me job/money wise and I can volunteer at some point when I don’t have bills chasing me…

77.   Go on a girls holiday –  Totally dependent on other people and therefore harder to manage. I’d go on one of these in a heart beat but it’s just not feasible with some friends getting married etc. I’ll keep it here in hope!

82.   Experience weightlessness in a controlled environment – I have no idea where I can do this!

89.   Make the most of Uni journal access whilst still available (geek!) – After completing my dissertation and then getting a job in retail this was the last thing on my mind before my access was revoked. Whoops! Will be replaced.

95.   Have a full on food fight! – This will be one messy day that i am massively looking forward to and possibly will never happen. Fingers crossed!

So I need to replace seven tasks in total.

I’m going to have a think about this over the next week and come up with some new ones ready for the 1 year mark (the 24th).

If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them!
I’m into fitness, trying new things, foods, films etc and generally having a good time.
I’m trying to steer away from buying materialistic items and more about experiences.

Let me know if you think of anything, or if you have your own list as I would love to see what’s on yours!

L xxx

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