Skincare Wardrobe – Update


I keep meaning to write this post for SUCH a long time now that I thought it was about time it actually got done.

Since starting this blog I have of course spent a shed load of money on various products but primarily on skin care. When starting this blog I was a culprit of using only a face wipe and occasionally eye make up remover along with moisturiser as my daily routine. This shocks me immensely and I now cannot believe I did this!

Obviously I soon realised this wasn’t going to cut it and I have significantly changed my ‘Skincare Wardrobe’ if you like, and here is the updated contents!

I currently use this box which contained a Christmas present in 2011. It isn’t ideal as I’d prefer to have them all standing upright but nevertheless it’s a great box for me to separate my skincare products from others (ever so slightly…)


So trying to get things in some sort of order I will start with cleansers.
This is what I am currently using;


Origins Checks and Balances, a lovely minty foamy face wash which is one of those that gives your skin a deep clean and leaves it with that ‘tight feeling’, sometimes I love this feeling and others I don’t so it’s nice to have options. This is where…

Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish comes in, a creamy cleanser applied to dry skin that miraculously removes all types of make up so easily. It feels great on my skin and did so when I had oily skin and now with my dry/combination skin and we are both fans of this cleanser.

Having used these two primarily for the past few months I’m pretty happy with how they work for my skin. However on those nights when I come in quite late (4am is getting to be quite a regular time for me!) it’s a little bit too loud to start running hot water and splash around in the bathroom waking everyone up.

For this reason I picked up La Roche Posay’s Toleraine Gel Dermo Cleanser which you just rub into your skin and then remove either with a muslin cloth or wet wipe, which is what I use at 4am. It isn’t ideal I would agree as I’d prefer hot water but definitely better than just the wet wipe as this removes every trace of make up even mascara and lipstick!
I am yet to post about this but so far I’m loving it especially as it’s so easy and fuss free.

The Clarins eye make up remover was given to both myself and M just before Christmas at a Pharmacy event in Cardiff. I’d been using micellar water before that but this make up remover is great, requires minimal ‘scrubbing’, doesn’t sting my eyes and gets rid of all traces.

Next up is Exfoliators:


These are without a doubt some of my favourite products to come out of my ‘Skincare Epiphany’.

Origin’s Modern Friction is well renowned for being good but I just adore how quick the results are from using it and although it’s expensive, even with a use of 2/3 times a week this huge tube has lasted me months.
I’m about half way through and have had it well over 8 months, would 100% recommend.

Murad’s AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser is something we posted about recently and I truly believe this will be staying in my weekly routine for a long time to come. Not only because this huge bottle will also last you a while but because the effects are again pretty quick and show up after 4/5 uses which is great considering it feels like a normal cleanser.
The acids and tiny tiny jojoba beads (which feel like a powder!) definitely have a positive effect on my skin sloughing off cells and revealing a glow. Basically… it!

Origins have also brought out Brighter By Nature which I got as a GWP (Gift with Purchase) before Christmas time. These pads are filled with enzymes and fruit acids and just require a swipe over the face for them to work their magic. These feel great and are definitely a less abrasive way to exfoliate your skin on days where a scrub just isn’t what you’re looking for.

A definite new addition to my weekly routine are masks:


As you can see I have an array, and what is quite clearly becoming an obsession with Origins, yikes! so from L-R…

Drink Up Intensive – another GWP and still going strong, this is the intensive overnight version of the other Drink Up mask coming up. This was the first hydrating mask I’d ever used and even on my then oily skin, was absolutely amazing and didn’t break me out.
The next three; Clear Improvement, Out of Trouble and Drink Up were all bought together in a set after using up my first Out of Trouble mask. I absolutely love it for getting rid of blemishes and reducing spot size! 100% recommendation from me.
Clear Improvement and Drink up are both great for when my skin is in need of them, the charcoal definitely helps to reduce pore size and the Drink up is great for when my skin feels dry but is breaking out and too much hydration might overbalance my skin,

REN’s Glycolactic Radiance Renewal mask really does do what it says on the tin (tube?), it smells like oranges, feels like orange juice and marmalade whizzed together and takes me to a happy summery place as well as making my skin look renewed.

Eye products:


Having never used an eye cream before this blog my collection is certainly increasing!

Starting with Origins Eye Doctor: I picked this up due to my severely dry eyes and sore skin due to rubbing my eyes. I’ve still got no idea what has happened to make my body so depleted in hydration regarding my skin and eyes and lips, but this was my first eye cream which I chose due to it’s lack of any kind of chemicals at all. It’s so hydrating and as I was so worried at the time about a reaction, it’s the perfect comfort blanket for me to go back to.
The same with the No Puffery eye gel, it’s so soothing and helps my eyes relax after a long day at work. This and Eye Doctor combined helped to reduce my dry eye effects and eliminate the lines I was getting around my eyes, presumably from dehydration.

Ginzing was next on my list when I felt more comfortable and I love it’s reflecting properties for day wear when i have massive bags under my eyes.

Starting Over is a recent addition as it was on sale and I couldn’t resist picking it up to rid myself of potential crows feet! It’s thicker than the Eye Doctor cream and I will be writing about it soon.

Eysilix was picked up in a 3 for 2 deal a few weeks ago so is what I am currently trialling. I like the small nozzle and how it allows a small amount out each time, but I’m not sure if my eyes like the cream as i think they sting sometimes after use. Will have to investigate this!

Serums and oils:


Clearly my anti-aging and anti-blemish tendencies are running away with me here!

Both Antipodes and Clarins oils I have written before and I am in complete love with them both and they transformed my opinions on oils for oily skin.

Aesop’s Parsley seed Serum is something I have been using recently and am interested in how it will affect my skin. I’ve heard rave reviews!

The Make a Difference Serum is absolutely gorgeous. Sinks in like a dream and I’m completely gutted to find out that it was only available at Christmas time exclusively from Selfridges. Heart broken!

Pepta Bright and Hydraluron were the other 2 items I picked up in my 3 for 2 deal with Eysilix (Indeed Labs got me good!). Hydraluron is a great extra step for adding in more hydration as it sinks in easily and doesn’t clog your pores but my skin feels a lot more hydrated.
Pepta Bright has definitely had a brightening effect on my skin and I’m pretty sure has also helped to reduce the size and colour of the scars on my face but shhhhhhhhhh let’s not say that too loudly as it might stop working! Posts on all of the Indeed Labs products will be up in the future when I feel like I’ve tested them properly.

Lastly onto moisturisers and other bits:


My first and only product from Apivita is this gorgeous organic lip balm with honey which has been a saviour in keeping my dry lips from worsening. It’s been a god send in work as it’s not a pot and really moisturises.

I’m sure everyone on the planet has heard of Effaclar Duo and I am one of them having picked it up a few weeks ago during a mass break out on my skin. It works a treat on drying up the white heads but on my bigger spots it only helped to reduce redness and size, not eliminate it completely. It works great but it isn’t a miracle worker so don’t expect it to remove all traces of a zit!

Normaderm is one of my favourite day moisturisers as it sinks in so easily and doesn’t add to the oil on your skin. It prevents breakouts and helps combat scars and all other blemishes and it just works. This was a god send when I had oily skin and I still use it now, get it! You won’t regret it.

Perfect World was a freebie from Origins when you took in an empty bottle of moisturiser and its taken me a while to warm up to it. Initially confined to the bottom of the pile it’s now a firm favourite with my dry skin especially for day time due to it’s SPF 25. Really loving this now!

Make a Difference is something I posted about fairly recently and am still raving about. The rejuvenating treatment glides onto skin and your skin drinks it up in seconds. It’s helped to reduce scarring, even out blemishes and skin tone generally and hydrated my skin without overdoing it. Love.

This has been a gargantuan post and if you got bored I’m rather sorry, I had no idea there was quite that much to write about.
I have learnt a few things:

a) I’m obsessed with Origins

b) I need to condense my skincare down. Nobody needs this much on a daily/weekly basis!

c) Skincare is expensive but worth every penny, you only get one face which everyone sees every day, spending £30 on one skincare item lasting 6 months is much better value for money than £60 on shoes you’ll wear once!

Have you written up your Skincare Wardrobe?? Do you have as much as me?? What are your favourite products and brands?

L xxx

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