Review: Benefit’s Stay Flawless Primer

I previously mentioned that I had attended Benefit’s ‘Stay Flawless’ event in Bristol, and you can read the original post here.

Luckily for me and M, we share the same foundation colour even though were opposite in hair colour and MUA’s often think I will be much darker on account of my almost black hair.
So basically my point is over the past few weeks we have both tested it out in various situations and have come up with the following review, hope you enjoy!


At the event I was lucky enough to be given not only the Stay Flawless Primer but also their infamous Hello Flawless foundation and their foundation brush, which was so exciting!


The brush is really light and your typical ‘foundation’ brush shape which I don’t actually own at the moment. The brush was pretty good and easy to clean, it applied foundation quite easily but I did find it left a few brush marks on my face. I’m more used to using bigger brushes like RT’s Buffing Brush, which probably just means I need to change my technique more than anything else!


So..onto the star of the show!


I loooooooooooooooooove the packaging of the primer and the foundation.

The primer, shown below, has beeeeeeeautiful monochrome polka dot packaging with silver and pink accents. With writing almost like a handwriting scrawl I’m in love and couldn’t have designed it better myself. Fun but simple and very chic!


The primer is in a stick like product. I love this.

I like feeling like a 3 year old again stealing my mums lipstick and drawing on my face with it, which is basically what this feels like!

The instructions state that you draw all over your face in circular motions, then apply Hello Flawless as quickly as you can. This worried me initially as I wasn’t sure what ‘quickly’ meant, but basically as long as you apply it straight after the primer you’re fine and nothing crazy happens!


The primer is obviously easy to use and feels exactly like applying a balm or hydrating lipstick onto your face, if you get what I mean! It feels a little tacky but not too bad.

The shade that I was given was ‘Believe in Me’ Ivory. I think that giving shades names like this makes them so much more interesting and memorable, I’ve not forgotten the shade that I use after being colour matched for it!


Here’s the blurb:


Lots of promises for a foundation!

After applying this over the primer I can agree that it is hydrating, luminous and brightening. You barely need anything from the bottle to apply to your entire face and I felt like it really did cover all of my flaws.


I also like that the foundation has SPF 25 so helps to protect against environmental effects.

You can see my pictures below where I only have the primer and foundation on. It applies pretty flawlessly and I think my skin looks brightened.

You can see in the pictures that the pores on my nose are only just visible, the bags under my eyes are covered and although I have scars on my face from acne you can’t see them when this is applied.
As the foundation is so thin (runny if you like!) it blends without caking into your hairline and being blotchy.



This was all looking so promising for me and I was so impressed. Unfortunately for me however, after a few hours of wearing this the make up tended to slide and clump together on my face regardless of what i did. I always set my face with powder after and even used the Hello Flawless powder but this problem hasn’t gone away.

I was full of hope when I wore it out to my first day at work but unfortunately I did have to sort my face out at lunch time where it had slid and I had to rebuff and repowder my base back to flawlessness. I think this is a lot to do with how my skin has changed and not necessarily just the primer/foundation combination.
When I wore it to the gym one day and did a body pump class, the make up actually fared pretty well, which just goes to show it can and does work! My make up honestly looked as fresh as it did when I applied it a few hours before and I was impressed as normally i come out looking like a sweaty tomato.

Having used it for a week before giving it to M to test, now I’ve got it back I plan on trying it out with different foundation and primer combos to see if it’s just because of my skin (which is a constant issue for me anyway!) I feel that for my skin type I need a heavy duty absorbing primer for the foundation to stay for longer, and a drier foundation such as ColorStay for the primer to be at its best.

Fingers crossed this will solve my problems!

Have you tried Stay Flawless or Hello Flawless?? What did you think?

L xxx


The Hello Flawless foundation was one I’d wanted to try for a while. It seemed to boast everything you’d want from a foundation. SPF, oil free and brightening. When L told me she was lucky to get this at the event I was so disappointed my exams had meant I couldn’t go.

She lent me the products to try for a couple of days to see how I got on with it. The foundation was a perfect match to my skin and blended in flawlessly. It has a really light texture and is quite a runny foundation, that provided a light natural coverage leaving my skin looking so healthy.

Unfortunately for me it just didn’t last too well on my skin. I think me skin is too oily for this foundation even though it’s oil free. I can see anyone with normal or dry skin absolutely loving the formula and finish of this. It left my skin with such a gorgeous healthy glow (without being glittery or shiny) I’m gutted it didn’t last all day on me.

If any of you have found products to make this foundation last better on a oily complexion I’d love to know as I loved the finish.

Love M



  1. MirrorOnThe Wall
    June 23, 2013 / 10:11 pm

    I was intrigued by this, shame it didn't last too long for you as that kind of defeats the object in my eyes. I'm also a little bit unsure about the fact it comes in a stick form, as it doesn't seem to be the most hygeinic of options – I'd prefer it if they'd packaged it differently, I think.I used to love The Porefessional, but sadly the silicones in that seemed to break me out and I had to bin it.Hope you're both well :)Mel

  2. Lola and Behold
    June 24, 2013 / 9:57 am

    I reviewed this the other day and unfortunately have to say I did not at all get along with Stay Flawless. The foundation itself is lovely, but the primer does nothing like what it says it does. It made absolutely no difference to my make-up staying power – I think it's just clever marketing to suck people in!x

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