Review: Label.m Protein Spray and Hair Care

When I saw the latest press release from label.m advertising their new travel kits which included a protein spray I was immediately intrigued. As I was planning to have half a head of highlights applied I’d been looking out for products to help repair the damage this would inevitably cause and the protein spray sounded great. We were lucky and label.m kindly sent us a travel kit and protein spray each to test out.

label M protein spray review haircare

I’m a big hair care fan, weekly treatments, hair oils, serums and heat protection sprays all fall into my regular hair care routine. I’m always keen to try new hair products as my hair takes a lot of styling and colour damage and always needs repairing. I was so excited to try the protein spray. The protein spray is a very light mist that can be applied through damp or dry hair. I always prefer products that can be used in both dry and damp hair as I only wash my hair every 3 days but sometimes style it everyday so always want a product that won’t weigh my hair down and can be used on dry hair. This certainly does that. I also love that it doesn’t make your hair so damp from spraying you then feel steam if you heat style it.

label M protein spray review haircare

With the burst of sunshine we are currently having (maybe not the last two days but fingers crossed it returns) I also like that it protects against the sun as my hair is one thing I always forget to protect against the sun. It was nice to spritz this through my hair before heading to the beach at the weekend. 

The ingredients include wheat proteins, wheat amino acids, fruit extracts and olive oil for moisture. I love that this protects my hair without weighing down. It also brings back shine as  my hair has been left a little dull from the dye. I’ve been using it most days and this will definitely be a product I’ll be using more. I use it one freshly washed hair before blow drying then again if I’m going to straighten it. 

It retails for £12.95 from here for 250ml. It’s a huge bottle that’ll last ages. This has currently replaced me argan oil.

label M protein spray review haircare

The gentle cleansing shampoo is one that is suitable for daily use. As I’m someone who doesn’t wash their hair daily I can’t comment on this. It does leave my hair feeling really clean though and I didn’t notice any fall out which I’ve found to be a problem with shampoos lately. It tends to be cheaper ones unfortunately. I do find it works best to lather it in your hands first and then apply to hair. The shampoo retails for £9.95 for 300ml which for a salon brand is a reasonable price. I’ll be trying more shampoos but this one isn’t for me as I prefer shampoos aimed for more moisture of colour protection. They also do organic shampoos and conditioners which I think is great and would love to try soon.

The daily shine conditioner impressed me straight away. No silicones to make my hair feel softer but not actually make it softer and it contained promising ingredients like soy proteins and soy milk. This conditioner instantly made my hair feel softer and more manageable without weighing it down. I think this would be a great conditioner for anyone who washes there hair regularly as even though it’s quite a liquidy conditioner it really does work as providing moisture to the hair. The daily shine conditioner is £12.50 for 300ml which again I think is reasonable for a salon brand. Conditioners do tend to be more expensive as you use less of them.

label M protein spray review haircare

Now the shine spray I’ve not had a chance to try fully as it’s something I only use for nights out. It does provide a UV shield to the hair so maybe it’s something I should use more. Having naturally curly hair a salt spray is something I love trying. I do sometimes find them drying or they make my hair crunchy so I only use them the day before I’m due to wash it. This one is one of the softer salt sprays I’ve tried for my hair and definitely doesn’t leave it crunchy. It does provide amazing volume and texture to the hair though. I’ve been so impressed with this. I love spraying it through my hair when I’ve curled it with my wand as it gives it more of a messy look. Below you can see it used on more straight hair. 


label M protein spray review haircare

label M protein spray review haircare

You can see the texture and volume it has added is impressive. Please excuse my nearly naked face!! It gives hair a boost. I think this will be great added to straight longer hair to give it a natural messy look and on hair my length it looks great curly. It has also helped for putting my hair in bun rings as it adds extra texture to help it stay neat.

The mini versions are only £3.50 and a great way to try a product or to take away on holiday. The 50ml salt and shine sprays will definitely last a while and I think the 50ml shampoo and conditioner will do me at least 5 washes.

If you are lucky enough to have a salon near you that stocks label.m you can get any 4 travel sized products for £12 in a clear bag. (more details here).

So far I’ve been so impressed with label.m especially the protein and salt sprays. Now my Sebastian Pentrate shampoo and conditioner have run out I’ll definitely be trying label.m products instead.

Thanks to label.m for giving us this chance to review these.

Have you tried a label.m products? Are you a salt spray fan?

Love M


I was so excited to hear that we would be reviewing a protein spray for hair when M told me. I’ve recently had a whole load of highlights put through my very dark hair. I’ve been having them for a while but 2 weeks ago decided to increase them from just the two layers to all the way through with the aim of eventually having a ‘true ombré’ where the top part of my head will then be dyed darker again.

This obviously involved a hell of a lot of chemical treatment to my hair so I was very worried the condition would worsen…. Until the protein spray arrived!

label M protein spray review haircare

It has so many benefits I can’t even begin to list them again but i can tell you that I absolutely love it. The spray is such a fine mist that I don’t feel like its coating my hair like some other tacky products can do leaving your hair with a residue, this one seems to absorb into your hair and it feels so cooling and soothing. It has been great to spray after the gym, before going to work, and prepping for a night out as its so lightweight its perfect. And so far (fingers crossed) it doesn’t seem to be going down as fast as I thought it might! 

As well as being great to apply it has also had a positive effect on my hair as the condition of it has improved noticeably. It does get a bit matted sometimes due to the length and lightening of it and this has decreased since using it as well as an added shine to my hair. I am hoping long term use will see these qualities improve further and my hair will look as good as Kate Middletons! 

label M protein spray review haircare

The mini kit containing shampoo, conditioner, sea salt spray and hair spray has also been a right treat to use. The shampoo smells great and frothed nicely and the conditioner was really thick and felt so hydrating. The hairspray was so light I felt like I hadnt used enough but my hair stayed in place which was brilliant. 

Unfortunately due to my hideous allergic reaction to a spa day I am yet to use the sea salt spray which is frustrating as I love beachy waves! However if its as good as the other products from label.m I am sure it will be just as good.

Having not used a product from label.m before I am very pleased to have had the chance to try their products and think they are really great.

Have you used label.m before? What do you think of protein sprays? Will you be investing? 

L xxx

To see the wide range of products label.m offer check out their website. orders over £19 get free delivery.

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