10 Forever Wardrobe Pieces

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I’ve been browsing websites and magazines for the last 2 weeks whilst off and have been loving catching up with celeb gossip and changing fashions. It’s got to the point when I read them and think ‘who on earth is this?!’ My celeb radar has clearly been off for a while!

Whilst browsing though i have come across an interesting article on Cosmopolitan called ‘10 Forever Pieces you need in your Wardrobe‘ It’s pretty self explanatory but I wasn’t sure about some of their choices…..so decided to make my own list.

1) Leather Jacket

There really is nothing better than a leather jacket. I would absolutely die and go crazy if I got my hands on a 100% soft buttery leather jacket in a timeless style from somewhere like All Saints. I’d love one, although I’d be wary that my long body would not allow one from there to fit me….sigh.
If I could pick though, it would be something like this:

Unfortunately I don’t have £358 lying around tho. Sob.

2) Jeans

You absolutely cannot go wrong with some well fitting dark indigo jeans. I’ve found a perfect pair for me recently, having started my gym life a few years ago my glutes have suitably increased in size (Kardashian level not quite reached yet though). My current faves are therefore Levi’s curve ID jeans in Demi curve which fit my derriere quite nicely.
I think in future a few more colours will be necessary but currently the dark indigo colour is perfect.

3) LBD
A Little Black Dress is a staple that no one would deny. Whatever your shape there’s one to suit you, in fact there’s probably 10 to suit you and that’s the best part. I have a few faithful ones but it’s going to be time for me to get a new one soon. A lot of dresses recently have been quite high neck so I think it’s time to show a bit more cleavage, though I do really like a shift dress for simplicity and comfort!

4) LCD

Sometimes you just get fed up of wearing black. I’ve worn black dresses for about 10 years and I’m trying to add a bit more colour to my wardrobe, not least because it’s boring to wear the same thing all the time but also because coloured dresses look awesome! not only that but as well as colour blocking which was what got me into wearing colour again, there are some amazing patterns to get your hands on.

The three above are all from Warehouse, would suit most shapes and are all under £50. Might have already picked up the bottom one….

5) Blazer

I’m in love with my blazer; a beautiful black Ralph Lauren military style blazer with emblem and gold buttons on the sleeves and the front. I couldn’t be without it and it goes with so many things and gets me so many compliments – because it’s so beautiful not because I’m wearing it. If it’s good enough for Kate Middleton….

6) Handbag

The handbag is a tough choice for me. Having been a black leather lover all my life I’ve recently found myself branching out and had a dusky pink one for my birthday that has shown me the lighter side. Regardless, you need a fairly sizeable bag for daily life and here’s a few on my wishlist:


You cannot beat simplicity.

7) Heels/Wedges
I could gaze at heels for hours, but as a lady of 5’9 and a very short patience span they just don’t work for me. I found wedges about 2 years ago and haven’t looked back. They allow me to gain some good looking leg muscles plus some extra chic points without crippling my feet (once they’ve been broken in obviously). They’re like magic shoes!


Oh come on, who on earth wouldn’t go for Louboutins by choice??

8) Flats
Following on from above it means I also clearly wear a lot of flats. I have an amazing pair of black brogues from Clarks that are so perfect for work and after a year still look new without any polishing whatsoever and I could cry with happiness at finding them. That aside, I love trainers too and am very much lusting over some new ‘kicks’ with some bright colours, or something that comes up with a high top like these:

I just need another spare £100 to snap them up!

9) Shirt/Blouse
Cosmo have a white shirt on their list. Whilst I love them….they don’t love me. My boobs tend to get in the way of that and I can never find ones to fit, not that they’re even that big which is why it’s so frustrating. I’ve been wearing my black sheer loose fitting blouse for years and its so perfect for work, interviews and the pub with jeans. Sheer shirts like this are my haven, they skim over everything and flatter and hide in all the right places. Winning.

This ones from Zara for £30.

10) The coat.
I’m quite a fan of a coat. There are so many styles that part of me thought maybe this also included blazers and leather jackets but lets not include it for now…. I always think that nobody of any age or body shape can go wrong with a trench coat style or any style where the coat is above knee length and belted at the waist.This year I’m on the hunt for an emerald green coat so hopefully one will appear in the next few weeks. I’ve spied this one from Nina Ricci:

Stunning green and a leather belt at the waist.
But let’s face it; if I can’t afford the £100 for some trainers the £1880 price tag for this beauty certainly isn’t happening. But if I win the lottery……? First on my list!!!

So what do you think? Are your top 10 classics similar to mine?
The only category I’m doubtful on is the trainers…..but even those will come back around again in the vintage category!

If you make your own lists let me know, I love reading them!

L xxx

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