Tea Time!

Both me and M have been so busy the last few weeks and lots of things have happened, so I decided to do a catch up post instead of a product review today. So get yourself a brew and settle down…..

I am absolutely loving my new job and it’s everything I’ve been hoping for….but helllllllllllllllllllll is it hard work!

There’s so much to learn my brain feels like its about to explode every evening I come home, I’ve even got into bed at 7pm and completely crashed out til the next day.

I’m still training but now that I’ve got the basics I’m getting to do a lot more fun things (if you can call analysing drugs a fun thing?!) so fingers crossed my brain won’t be so bombarded soon.

They’ve even offered for me to a PhD next year…eeeeek!

The biggest event this week was of course M’s birthday! We had a lush day at the spa on Thursday, we started off in the gym knowing that we had a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge afternoon tea to follow:


Look at those sandwiches, warm scones and welsh cakes, pastries and even jelly and strawberries!

There must have been 1000s of calories on this tray so I was pretty glad I’d been to the gym before it.

Untitled Untitled

Afterwards we got glammed up and went for a few cocktails before M met her family for food.


I wore out an animal print jump suit with nude court shoes, and M had on a dress she got for her birthday which was a gorgeous burgundy lace dress from Lydia Rose Brights collection.

Untitled Untitled



We have the same plan of attack whenever we go for cocktails, first drink is a Cosmo followed by a Long Island Iced Tea. After that we tend to grab whatever else is on the deal (ha!) but we thought we’d try a different one called a Kentucky Jewel which we would 100% recommend 😉

We also went shopping last weekend and I picked up a few naughty pieces!
First up was an unplanned dress purchase….a beautiful red dress from Oasis in the sale for £35. I couldn’t resist it as it was so beautiful on, a classic shape and colour……and in the sale!


The blazer was a cheeky Zara purchase. I did need a blazer for the weddings I have coming up, and although this beauty was £50 I know it will be worn a lot and will go with every dress that I have to wear to weddings and other summer events. Hopefully this will be worth the cash!


I’ve been working hard at the gym recently so I decided to pick myself up some new trainers. I know everyone loves the super bright coral Nikes and I would love to get some for myself but at £90 with crazy delivery I will have to wait for now!
I picked these up from the Nike Factory store for a bargainous £38 and cannot wait to rock up to the gym today with them on.


What have you been up to recently? What have you been spending on and looking forward to?

Me and M have a night out planned for next week…..I’m thinking of wearing the red dress! Do you like it?

Hope you’re all having a gorgeous weekend in the sun!

L xxx

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