Wedding No.1

Morning lovelies!

I mentioned last weekend that I had the pleasure of going to the first of my friends weddings, and it was absolutely beautiful!
It was such a nice day and everything was exactly how she wanted it so that’s all that matters.

Here’s a few pictures from the big day, I hope you enjoy them!


I curled my hair with a wand and then brushed it out so it looked big and bouncy and a bit more natural than perfect ringlets. I prefer my hair to look like this and wish it looked like this always!

I had a bit of a heart attack/dance around the room when I cut the label off my dress. It was a bit of a splash out for me a few months ago when I picked it up and i was so excited to wear it!


Here it is on me:


I love the colour and style, it was so simple and perfect for the wedding I was going to.
I was a bit uncomfortable in it after wearing it for so many hours though, the material doesn’t stretch at all and wasn’t the most comfortable for breathing….which is a bit vital!
I’d already bought the dress in a bigger size to do up over my boobs so I knew it wasn’t tight anywhere else, obviously I’m not used to wearing dresses made from material as good a quality as LK Bennett!


One of my favourite things was the really cute sweet stand! I helped myself to some nougat and jelly sweets!

They also handed out welsh cakes after the ceremony which was a really nice touch.


The bride had gone the extra mile to add lots of extra touches including making her own confetti from love stories, putting tissues wrapped up in ribbon on the church pews and flowers EVERYWHERE.


The table decorations were these huuuuuge candelabras surrounded by flowers at the bottom and there was copious amounts of wine and champagne flowing.


The bride even provided flip flops in a basket for all the girls to change into from heels! Mine even matched my dress 😉


And not only was there a sit down meal but later on there was curly fries and a bacon butty! I loved how normal that was as it was perfect for a few hours of drinking!


The venue was stunning too, huge ceilings, massive chandeliers and gorgeous decor.


This is a full length picture my friend took of me on the night, it was such a great day and I am so pleased my friend enjoyed her day as much as she hoped.


Do you have many friends getting married this year or next?

This wedding was a big budget one, I have a second wedding coming up in September which is a lower budget and I’m so looking forward to it!

What would your ideal outfit be? Are you planning your own wedding?

I’m so far away from getting married but I do love hearing about other peoples plans!

L xxx

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  1. Beauty Bird
    August 2, 2013 / 7:59 am

    You look gorgeous! Love your hair. xx

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