Collection Colour Lash in Clear (brow gel)

I’ve been meaning to pick up a clear mascara for ages. I absolutely love using my Benefit Browzings to shape and define my brows but I have one eyebrow that pokes up straight while the other is curved so it needs some taming.


Mac sell a brow gel that I’ve heard people rave about but over £10 for a clear mascara I can pick up a lot cheaper doesn’t seem worth it. The new release of the Brow Drama by Maybelline definitely caught my eye. Especially as I love their mascaras but at the moment I am trying to save money so decided to pick up the colour mascara instead.


Mine looks a little cloudy as I couldn’t resist a quick use before photographing it. The brush is perfect for brows as it’s not too big!


The Colour Lash mascara (seems a weird name for a clear mascara if you ask me) claims to condition and separate lashes. I was intrigued by this as I was concerned a clear mascara would just set hard on my eyebrows and look awful.


This was immediately after application so they look a little wet but that does go to leave you with great brows all day.

So far so good with this. It leaves my brows looking defined and the hairs on them looking well groomed without removing too much of the product I’ve put it. It softens the product and leaves it looking more natural too as I do find sometimes on me powders look too powdery in my brows and fake!

The collection colour lash mascara retails for a bargain £1.99. I’m sure it’ll look pretty horrible in the packaging soon enough but so far I’m really enjoying it.

Do you use a gel on your brows?

Love M


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