Victoria’s Secret

On a recent trip to London I found myself outside the infamous Victoria’s Secret store.

I genuinely stumbled across this and had no idea it was even where it was, but obviously as soon as I realised I was outside it I knew I needed to go in.

And as soon as I was in I knew I was parting with some cash….


The store itself is beautifully designed, with lots of pink as expected!

The chandeliers are amazing and there are plenty of mannequins displaying products, some of them are outstanding and I certainly spent a lot of time wishing I owned them let alone the body needed to show them off!



I loved this skirt, I’d absolutely love to own one of these. I don’t even know what I’d do with it but just to lounge around the house in when I felt it was necessary.

One of the stand out parts of the store was the massive screen at the back of the store spreading over all 4 floors. Seeing shots of the beautiful Rosie Huntington Whitely made me feel a tad depressed, I mean just look at her amazing body! She is stunning.




If I ever work out to the point of having a body like these women, I will be buying myself a whole new wardrobe of underwear to reward myself!

If only having a washboard stomach was as easy as I wished it was.


Another floor of the shop had slightly different decor, lots more pink and pink drawers filled with knickers in every colour imagineable. This was where I found my purchases….

The only disappointment for me was that I couldn’t find any bras in my size at all. I might have been tempted by a set if I’d seen my size available but as a 34E I had no chance.



So…onto the items that I did buy! After seeing an offer where 3 knickers were on offer for £27 I couldn’t resist. This meant that each item was £9 which is pretty steep really, but as a one off I won’t be judging myself too harshly 😉


The knickers I picked up were all the same style and are your typical knicker style, bit of a lace on the sides and low rise. I find these the most comfortable and flattering for almost every occasion and have so many different colours!

I chose a navy, a grey and a pale pink coloured variety. I could easily have chosen loads of different colours and patterns but had to restrain myself.


The pale pink ones are the prettiest, they have white lace around the edges and a gold polka dot pattern on the sides:




I love the back with the lace details! They’re perfect for being girly when you’re on a ‘pretty’ day, I’m sure you all know what I mean!

The navy ones are beautiful too and plain but simple:


The lace panels on the side are my favourites, and I bought the dove grey colour to finalise my 3 pairs:



I have been wearing them the past few weeks and can confirm that they are so comfortable and have enough stretch for movement but they don’t give and sag after a few washes which is the best kind of stretch!

I loved that they also came wrapped up in beautiful tissue paper, I’d be quite tempted to use this as a background for multiple things. Expect to see it in future posts for product photos 😉


Or maybe as a new background for my computer?!
It’s too pretty to just exist as a file or sheet of paper!

What do you think of Victoria’s Secret? Do you think its worth the hype and the price tag?

They have a HUGE range, not only underwear but nightwear and loungewear and a monumental toiletry range that I had to avoid like the plague for fear of maxing out my credit card and bankrupting myself!

I’d love to go back another time when I have a little more cash to my name (new cars are expensive!) and have a proper wander and spree. 

What would you recommend as your favourite product from VS?

L xxx

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  1. Frankie Bowers
    October 12, 2013 / 8:38 pm

    I want that skirt! It's so beautiful. I wish we had a Victoria's Secret store like that here in America…my bank account doesn't though, haha.

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