25 Before 26


Bit of a lifestyle and list post for you today.

I keep seeing lots of these doing the rounds, they’re like mini bucket lists and as lover of lists I think they’re awesome. I have quite a large list of things I’d like to do/complete over on my 101 in a 1001 page here, but most of these are expensive and probably completely unachievable in the time I have left; things didn’t go quite as I’d thought.

Instead I’m going to start breaking it up and aiming to tick off a few things in smaller installments. I’m 26 in March next year, so I’m giving myself the target of ticking off one task for every year that I’ve existed so far.


Here’s my 25:

1: Visit another place in the UK, my aim is 5 and I’ve ticked off 2. Another one should be achievable in this time; suggestions below please!

2: Read 4 Classic Books. 20 was my aim and I’ve only read 1, I can surely manage to get a few of these read over the next few months as I have a lot on my kindle for free. I’m going name a few specifically to ensure they’re read and fill up more of my 25! First is Robin Hood

3: Second is Frankenstein, I’ve heard its a great story and a complete classic

4:I also plan on reading the real Beauty and the Beast

5: The real Jungle Book

6: Wuthering Heights

7: Treasure Island

8: Dracula

9: and lastly the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. This is quite a list…..fingers crossed I get some time off soon! 

10: Try 2 new foods. My aim is 10, surely 2 more can be done over Christmas!

11: Visit an art gallery; cannot think where this will be but I’ll have to find one

12: Give blood – this is simple and I have to fit this in somewhere; maybe on a week off

13: Work harder at toning up – I’ve put on a few pounds recently and am feeling a bit too pudgy for my liking. Need to drop 7lbs and I’d be happy, this sounds easy but my diet is pretty good and I exercise 3/4 times a week as it is. If I work harder though it can happen!

14: As a sub list I have a number of new things I’d like to do to make this happen. Firstly, I’d like to try rock climbing, it’s supposed to be a great way to tone your upper body and I’d love to give it a go. There’s an indoor climbing centre in Cardiff so I think I’ll start there

15: Start yoga/pilates – still haven’t tried a class and I think it’s about time I tried one. Body Balance is the class at my gym that combines a number of stretching and poses so I think I will try one of these and start there!

16: Gorge walking – a fun day out that my dad and brother also want to do, winner! Family time will always be a good thing

17: Run 10k – Initially my aim was to run 5k but I do that regularly now. Running 10k is something that terrifies me but i have to get there to complete other challenges! My friend has recently signed me up to do a 10k at the beginning of March. I have no excuses now…

18: Go ziplining – there’s a Go Ape near me that does this kind of thing, definitely need to go!

19:Go to a gig – no idea what one yet but something!

20: Learn to cook something new, one of each sweet and savoury

21: Continue to plough through the excess of ‘stuff’ in my possession. Capsule wardrobe be mine!

22: Learn basic things to fix on a car – this is ongoing having just bought my first car. The winter will bring lots of issues that I’m sure will be a learning curve for me!

23: Go to London over Christmas – this might seem easy for some of you but I’ve never wandered around London at Christmas just to soak up the festive spirit and see the shop windows in Harrods and Selfridges. I’ve booked my train tickets for December so will definitely be going!

24: Visit an Antique or Vintage Fair – hopefully I can find one of these in the next few months. It would be great to wander around one of these and see what gems can be found!

25: Write a short story. I’d love to write a book but it is such a mammoth task involving so much free time that I just don’t have at the moment. I’m sure I can stretch to writing a short story, even if it’s something based on my own experiences!

What do you think of my list? Achievable?

Hopefully I can get a load of them done over Christmas and then I can check off more! I have a week off coming up so fingers crossed I can get some reading etc done then, and maybe an outdoors task.


Do you have a list of tasks you’d like to achieve by a certain date?
Do you have an tips for achieving them all??

Send me any links you have to your own lists, I love reading them!

L xxx

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  1. louisa llewellyn
    November 22, 2013 / 9:19 pm

    I do yearly target lists, though next years split into two six months, and work towards a long term goal and a near immediate one. I started this years in Aprils aiming to do 101 things, i've finished 90 so far. I want to go to the cinema 12 times and I have one to go, I want to try vintage wine and cut out all my bleach. http://dayzeroproject.com/user/purpleglitterandtea

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