Lush Santa’s Lip Scrub

I’m a huge lush fan and have been for a while now. There is nothing I love more than a good bath with a bubble bar and bath bomb. I also love the face masks. They are some of my favourites. When Lush has a blogger event a few weeks ago I couldn’t wait to go down and have the chance to just wonder round the store.


On the way out we were given some goodies and the Santa’s lip scrub was one of them. I’m never one to try the limited edition products. I tend to stick to what I know, but was excited to try this as my current lip scrub is a now discontinued one. As an everyday lipstick wearer I find I always use a lip scrub morning and night. They are especially good for these winter nights.


I love that the lush lip scrubs are natural products so can just be licked off. The santa’s lip scrub is a bright red. I was slightly worried it would stain my lips but it didn’t. I love that is has little edible hearts at the top. The cola flavour is really tasty and not too fake. Personally for me the bubblegum one is too much.


Santa’s lip scrub is a wetter lip scrub than the others I’ve tried. On my hand you can see sweet lips is drier and more sugary. It does have cherries and dates in which make it wetter than the normal ones but it still works as good.

I’m definitely a lip scrub lover! If you fancy a cola lip scrub you should snap it up quick as it’s limited edition. 

Have you tried lip scrubs or do you think it’s an unnecessary step?

Love M


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