Glasto Wishlist

Hey lovelies!

I hope you’re having a lovely start to the weekend. Unfortunately for me not only is it a working day (day 6 eek!) but I’ve got the worst toothache ever.
I’ve obviously not been eating enough as when I was drunk last weekend I decided to bite my own cheek so badly that I haven’t been able to eat or sleep properly since! My dentist said ‘it doesn’t get much worse than that’ as I’ve bitten it right at the back on my bite line so it’s not going to heal unless I stop eating and talking. WHAT ON EARTH AM I GOING TO DO!!!

Well ladies and gents I am one for a PMA – that’s a positive mental attitude if you didn’t know…..I will instead be living off a liquid diet for the forseeable future, perfectly timed with my birthday weekend. Looks like its cocktails all the way! And an early night on an empty stomach probably eek!

Anyway what I’m really looking forward to is Glastonbury and is the main reason for posting. Both me and M have never been to a festival before so instead of testing the waters with an overnight one, we thought we’d ‘go hard or go home’ and go for the full 5 days of Glastonbury delights.

They’ve so far announced that Dolly Parton, Lily Allen and Arcade Fire are playing, none of whom I’m particularly big fans of so I’m hoping they start confirming the other rumours PRONTO. I mean, Kanye West (for the lols), the Eagles (legends!) and a bit of Disclosure, Skrillex and Example would be lovely!

The next most important thing….the wardrobe.

What on earth do you wear to a 5 day long event that you can’t shower at?

I’ve already got myself a pair of navy Hunters wellies and I’m sure I’ve got an old pair of flip flops and pumps to take so the footwear is done. Aside from that? I’ve got some denim shorts I can rock and that’s where it ends….so here’s the start of my probably endless wishlist!

I’d really like this gorgeous white shirt from Next at £22. Not only is it really versatile to be worn with anything but its also going to be great for covering up in sun (fingers crossed!) and if it gets a bit chilly. I’ll just have to remember to wear this at the beginning when I’m still clean!

I think that simple tea dresses and skater dresses are also going to be the best things to stick to as they’re an outfit in themselves and don’t require much fuss.

All of the above are from New Look and range from £18 to £23 so are absolute bargains really!
I’m a lover of a nipped in waist and polka dots so wouldn’t be able to refuse any of these, in fact I might just accidentally add them to my basket now!

I imagine I am going to need to accessorize the bejeesus out of my hair as it will only stay looking good enough to leave it down for about 2 days, 3 if its not raining or particularly sweaty. So then it’s going to be time to rock some of these. I am in LOVE:

This first one is from Prairie Charms and costs £15:

How pretty! i think its a simple design that will go with a lot and the price is perfect.

These are from Crown and Glory:

The purple one is again only £15 and I surprised myself by liking it as it’s not normally a colour I would go for but its just so beautiful!

The coral coloured one definitely has larger flowers and comes in at £20 because of it but it’s worth the upgrade for the added drama!

So pretty much that’s my plan for my wardrobe. I’m probably missing some key pieces like a hoody, joggers and an umbrella but in my head its going to be fabulously sunny and feel like I’m abroad….if only!

Let me know what I’m missing because I need a serious reality check, a girl can dream but I need to know what to take so I don’t get hypothermia too.

What did you take to a festival to wear? Have you been to one before and have some must have tips?

Please get involved!

L xxx

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  1. PWhiley94
    March 22, 2014 / 9:24 am

    I love the hair accessories. I always take my see-through mack to festivals so if it rains everyone can still see my outfit.P.xxGreyWalls

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