Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette

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We’ve got a review today of a lovely palette from guess who…………..well it’s obvious really isn’t it!
Urban Decay are the palette Kings and Queens and nothing that they’ve brought out has been even slightly disappointing; we all know about the Naked eyeshadow palettes and a little while ago they brought out the Naked Flushed* palette.



I’m sure you’ve seen it before as it as been a big hit but just incase you haven’t lets just marvel at the beauty of the palette and the packaging.

The box fits in nicely with the Naked packaging theme and the palette itself looks exactly the same as the outer box. It has raised gold lettering on it and it looks simple but effective, which is pretty much how all of the Naked products seem to be.



Inside you can see the three products side by side and there is even a mirror in the lid which is HUGE and I absolutely love this. I have a pet hate with mirrors being so tiny inside palettes when they could fill it, such as this one (this includes the original Naked palette, i hate that it has such a tiny strip inside it!)



Swiped with my fingers you can clearly see how pigmented the powders are, L-R we have the blusher, highlighter and bronzer.

I’ve been using them daily for the last few weeks and I have to say I do quite like it. The bronzer looked a little orange in the palette to me but on my face it does a good job of contouring my face and making it look like it’s got a bit of life and shape about it. I find it hard to go to wrong with it too which is great for my 6am rush!

The highlighter is something I love also, its not as glaringly obvious as MAC’s MSF in soft and gentle and its not as gold either. It’s very flattering, not at all glittery and you could get away with wearing this day in, day out without fearing of someone thinking your glittering like a disco ball at a serious 9am board meeting. It’s very subtle and I often apply it to my cheek bones during the week let alone for a Saturday night out!

The blusher was initially something I struggled with as I must be used to being heavy handed. It is SO pigmented that on my super pale skin I found it hard to control and sometimes looked a little clown ish because I’d put too much on. After I’d rectified this problem and only applied to tiniest bit I can confirm that I had the perfect ‘flush’ and now I’m using so little I can definitely see that this palette will last me a long time.

I’ve looked at it from afar many times when walking through my local Debenhams with envious eyes as I’ve wanted to get my hands on it for a long time! I can say it doesn’t disappoint and will be coming on many trips with me in future. The sturdy packaging and three in one palette means its perfect for weekends away and carrying around with you.

Urban Decay………..you’ve done it again!

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I love all of the Naked Palettes and I love that urban decay are extending on from naked eyeshadows and creating a whole naked line that is so wearable.

I love the idea of having a bronzer, blush and highlighter all in one palette. This has been in my gym make up bag and handbag for the past few weeks. It’s so much easier than carrying three products around.

The packaging is practical. Plastic means it’s not going to get scratched, dented or broken. I love the huge mirror! I’s been great for doing my make up on the bus!

I thought I’d show the product on as some of the colours can look scary in the pan and swatched, as with other urban decay products they offer amazing pigmentation.


Here is my skin with just foundation and powder.


The bronzer colour did concern me in the pan. It does look orange toned but on the skin it offers amazing pigmentation and gives a great contour. You only need the lightest touch. I love how it defines my cheek bones and I always swipe a bit in temples.


If you’ve read the blog for a while you’ll know I’m the biggest fan of Benefit Dandelion. I wear it all the time. It’s the softest pink. Lately I’ve wanted more colour and found Dandelion can be a bit pale. The blush has been perfect for these days. It adds a gorgeous rosy natural glow to the cheeks.


As L said the highlighter is much softer than Soft and Gentle which is a favourite of ours. I love that this is easier to wear for day to day. I’m someone who contours and highlights most days. I find my face can be a bit flat otherwise. (on my eyes is Naked 3! It’s a beaut!)

I love how well the three colours go together and how easy they are to wear!

Urban decay are also bringing out the Naked Flushed palette in other colours so keep your eyes peeled for those! It’s totally acceptable to own two flushed palettes right as I want the light one too!



This shows off the contour when blended is subtle. At first it looks scary but when blush is applied it gives a soft contour!

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