25 Before 26 Update

As a list lover I’ve been writing a fair few of them recently in order get my ass in gear and get things done. Not only are lists a vital part of my every day life, i.e. the boring reminders to pay bills and phone people, I try and get things crossed off my ‘bucket list’ in a timely manner.

Or not as it may seem!

I turned 26 last week and had a few tasks I was trying to complete to tick off some in my 101 things in 1001 days list (see here). I chose 25 tasks and tried to get them ticked off by my 26th birthday, lets see how well I did shall we?!

1: Visit another place in the UK, my aim is 5 and I’ve ticked off 2 – Visited a friend in N.Wales. Edinburgh and Glastonbury booked to complete my 5! 

2: Read 4 Classic Books. 20 was my aim and I’ve only read 1 so far. First is Robin Hood

3: Second is Frankenstein, I’ve heard its a great story and a complete classic

4:I also plan on reading the real Beauty and the Beast

5: The real Jungle Book

6: Wuthering Heights

7: Treasure Island

8: Dracula

9: and lastly the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. This is quite a list…..fingers crossed I get some time off soon! –

So I read the Hobbit, and also Beauty and the Beast which was a lovely 20 pages or so! Absolutely failed the rest.

10: Try 2 new foods. My aim is 10, surely 2 more can be done over Christmas! – Mushroom Pate and Watercress done!

11: Visit an art gallery; cannot think where this will be but I’ll have to find one – this has not happened!

12: Give blood – did not happen, feel awful.

13: Work harder at toning up – Lost 3lbs of fat at my weigh in, hurrah!

14: I’d like to try rock climbing – Money killed this plan, maybe in a few months.

15: Start yoga/pilates – Never got round to it.

16: Gorge walking – Also didn’t happen.

17. Running 10k – I ran 5 miles the other day,  I feel like this is good enough!

18: Go ziplining – booked for April!

19:Go to a gig – Nothing specific planned, apart from Glastonbury.

20: Learn to cook something new, one of each sweet and savoury. This won’t happen any time soon, I’m so awful in the kitchen

21: Continue to plough through the excess of ‘stuff’ in my possession – Progressing!

22: Learn basic things to fix on a car – I think i can tick this one off now after running out of oil, lesson learnt!

23: Go to London over Christmas – This was AWESOME! Me and my mum had such a great time having an indulgent wander, we will definitely be going again next year.

24: Visit an Antique or Vintage Fair – Need to find one!

25: Write a short story. Not happening either!

Time has been a serious issue for me in completing these, not to mention I seem to have thought I’d won the lottery somewhere along the line to afford it!

But I have completed around 10 of these so at least I’ve progressed slightly!

I think training for Tough Mudder has taken over my life, I’m far too tired to read in the evenings any more after exercising for 5 of them.

Do you have any tasks you’d like to complete in the near future? Do you have any 101 things in 1001 days lists?

I’d love to see them!

L xxx

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