MAC Eyeshadow Refill – Sable

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Pinch punch first of the month!

I wrote a post last week about my amazing new Illamasqua lipstick which was bought for me by a lovely person that you might have heard of (yes you guessed it thank you M!)

The other half of my present was an amazing addition to my MAC eyeshadow palette. I’ve been saying for ages how I needed more to add to it, I’ve got quite a few random colours that have been bought for me over the years and I’m in desperate need of some additional colours to blend my palette together better. This has filled the perfect gap!



As I have a palette M has bought me the refill which is perfect, I can slot it straight into one of the gaps and apply my eye make up as I wish. She knows me too well!

This shade is called Sable and its a ‘gold plum with a bronze pearl’ according to MAC’s website.


The photo below shows the shadow taken with a flash and the one below that without a flash:



As you can see, my palette below has some pretty random shades, some very light, some very dark and a few brights. I’ve bought the large palette and an eyeshadow insert so that I can fill it up and keep my collection together. I’d definitely buy another insert, ideally I’d have a neutral side and then a darks and brights side as it is double sided and I’d love to make the most of it.



Sable clearly fits in perfectly with my small collection of nudes. I have Shroom, a limited edition shadow I cannot remember the name of and All That Glitters so I definitely needed a darker shade to create the perfect nude toned eye for day to day.



Sable is the perfect colour to blend into your crease for a wearable day to day eye for work, lunch, dates and can help to create a beautiful smokey eye with a gold bronze tinge to it. You can see swatches on my hand below:



With flash you can see how the light really catches it and makes it shimmer, it’s so pretty I’ve been swatching it for days! 


Here it is on the eye, applied to the outer corners and blended across the lid of my eye. This is a light application and you can definitely apply it more heavily for a stronger and darker eye look. This is the look I go for on a normal work day with a bit of liner.



It’s enough of a shimmer and shapes my eye enough to make sure its not boring and flat.

What do you think of Sable? Do you have a palette you’re adding to? What shades would you recommend to complete my palette?

L xxx

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