Cardiff’s New Primark Store (and haul…!)

Hello there!

Happy weekend lovelies!

I hope you’ve got some fun things planned. I’m at a close friends wedding today and have been looking forward to it for months! It’s a small wedding but a rather large party so I imagine it will be a lot of fun.

I’ve had a few shopping trips recently, although I’m pretty poor it has been such a long time since I’ve bought clothes properly that all of them seem to be falling apart. I mean I’m at the stage where some clothes are too big where I’ve lost weight, some have holes in where I’ve worn them so much and some just are NOT in fashion any more.

So when Primark opened their brand new absolutely fabulously big store on Queen Street in Cardiff it would have been a travesty for me not to go and check it out wouldn’t it?


This was my first purchase and it was a steal at £12. I cannot believe that this BEAUTY of a top was ONLY £12!!!

Look at the beautiful details and stunning patterns.


This top might not be silk and it might not be hand sewn but let’s face it, with this much elegance who on earth cares?!

Even the bottom hem of the top is edged with the same gorgeous iridescent coral sequins, and I love a bit of coral (read obsessed).


When I saw this gorgeous jersey maxi skirt next to it for a bargain £10 it was in the basket before I blinked. Even my mum was impressed that as of yet, i hadn’t picked up a tshirt nor a black item of clothing.


A bit further into this new stores 5 floors (FIVE!) and I found this super cool navy and white maxi skirt with huge polka dots and thigh splits. This was the first maxi skirt I ever tried on and the polka dots with the thigh splits just sold it for me.
Spots are my favourite pattern and the splits allow me to move freely with a lovely breeze to cool me down.



Look at those splits! There’s one on either side too so it helps to keep my modesty during a particularly sudden gust of wind.

So eventually the black tshirt related item did make it into the basket! But it must be acceptable when it’s this cute right?!


I love American sports style clothing and this is so comfy and goes with leggings and jeans for a slouchy weekend.

This floral tshirt dress is also a comfy purchase, its very short on me as I’m taller than your average but its a very pretty print and I love the colours.



Who on earth doesn’t love tshirts like these? Paired with jeans, denim shorts or just as a beach cover up I love a tshirt especially when they’re as cheap as these.

I’m a huge super hero fan and this Wonder Woman tshirt is a new favourite of mine. It’s a lovely baggy tshirt and is great for dress down days at work.

The Coco Cola tshirt is another great one, plain white tee with a simple logo. Simple is always best I think!



Who doesn’t love a pair of sunglasses as happy and summery as these? They remind me of the frames that Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum wear on 22 Jump Street, loads of people had these on at Glastonbury in a myriad of colours. They just seem to go with everything due to the dual colours.


Lastly, at £3 a pair it would have been REALLY rude not to pick up at least a few of the colours of these pumps. The grey and white are staples every year for me but the floral and pink are new additions. £12 for four pairs of the pumps means that they can be worn to death and thrown out at the end of every summer. Let’s face it, they always stink after a few months of wear and although you can put them in the washing machine they never turn out the same!

So what do you think of my buys?

I think the new store has a much better lay out that the previous store and a much wider variety of stock. They have allegedly taken on a total of 600 employees for this store so it’s not surprising that it so much better organised.

I am almost certain I will be making many returns and have been on a bit of a shoe haul recently, a new post will be sure to make it onto the blog soon!

L xxx

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