Rimmel Wonderfull Mascara

Morning lovelies!

I’ve got a mascara review for you today. This was an impromptu purchase as I had no idea that Rimmel had a new mascara out a few weeks ago which deserves a slap on the hand don’t you agree??

This beautiful bronze coloured mascara caught my eye though and I knew it was destined to be mine.


Rimmel are one of my favourite mascara producers mainly because they work perfectly at separating and coating my long lashes and do so for a very reasonable price, even more so when they’re a new launch and have money off or come in a deal and I just can’t resist.

I have loved other high end mascaras such as Lancome and Benefit’s They’re Real but because I have a bit of a phobia of eye germs I am OCD about throwing out my mascaras after 3 months MAX, sometimes its 6 weeks if I feel it’s getting a bit horrible. Weird I know, but spending £20-30 on a mascara just isn’t feasible for me however much I’d love to do it!


I love that Rimmel always get their crown in on a product, it’s so typically them and you don’t need to see any part to know that it’s Rimmel.

This Wonderfull mascara contains Argan Oil. I assume this is to help the condition of your lashes and also keep the mascara formula free from drying and clumping for longer, which would be a good idea. The ultra-Flex brush hugs lashes from root to tip to ensure even coverage of the product.




To me the brush is very similar to They’re Real, its a plastic comb like brush and is quite common nowadays as it seems to be the best for separating lashes and giving an even coverage without clumping. 

I really like this type and although it’s not a fluffy volumising brush I think it does a really good job:


My lashes are pretty well separated and lengthened and don’t seem to be clumpy or stuck together at all. Even my lower lashes being a lot shorter have an even coverage and my upper lashes have been lengthened quite a bit!


As always, another great mascara from Rimmel. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad one from there and although the formula does seem to be less clumpy I’m yet to see if the argan oil has an effect on how quick it dries out or if it has conditioned my lashes. I will have to report back on that one when it’s empty! I’m never sure if adding any type of oil is worth it or just a gimmick though seeing as they have moisturising properties you can’t really go wrong can you.

Have you tried Rimmel’s Wonderfull Mascara? What do you think of the addition of Argan oil?

L xxx

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