Winter Wardrobe Updates

Morning pals!

Another Friday is here and we’re another week closer to Christmas! It only gets more exciting from here and it’s my favourite type of year. Winter clothes are also my favourite kind, layering is the best thing and I love all of the patterns and colours associated with autumn/winter clothing.

Here’s what I’ve been buying to update my wardrobe this year:


First up I picked up this belt from Dorothy Perkins. I’ve had a belt for dresses very similar to this before and I wore it until it fell apart so I knew it was a good buy. It’s definitely good for wearing at any time of year but as has been happening for the last few years the trend for wearing a belt to cinch in your coat is back and this one is going to be making it back into my wardrobe.


Secondly I snapped up this BEAUTIFUL scarf from Zara. I touched it in store and couldn’t leave it behind. I love the patterns in tartan and the red is gorgeous and goes with all of my coats, it’s a winner and was something I had no idea I needed and now cannot live without. It doesn’t leave my neck during the week now!



My latest shoe purchase is from New Look and I had to order them from in store as they didn’t have any left. The heel height is perfect for most occasions and the gold buckle detailing is enough to give it a bit more pizazz. These can be worn with leggings and jeans and I look forward to wearing them to the pub over the next few months.


Capes are big news and this blanket cape cardigan type garment is absolutely fabulous. It’s super comfy, warm and goes with everything, literally EVERYTHING. The colours mean it complements many outfits but there are also many tartan type patters and colours available too and if I was rolling in the spare cash I’d probably get another.
This one is from New Look and I’m so glad that fashion has produced and comfortable, wearable and warm item of clothing for the winter months. I’ve always wanted to look chic in a cape, jeans and boots!


Lastly is my new bag also from New Look (they’ve clearly got a lot out of money out of me recently!) This beautiful bottle green bag has replaced my tired looking black bag for work purposes.
It’s awesome, the colour is lush and it holds it’s shape really well too which is perfect as I seem to be lugging a lot of paper back and forth to work at the moment!

What have you been buying to update your wardrobe? Do you have anything else on your wishlist?

I’m looking to add another coat, a lovely thick wool one would be lovely but I may have to wait until the sales for the type of quality I would be looking for. I’m fed up of buying important items like coats and finding out they are cheaply made! If you have any suggestions for some hardwearing well made coats leave them in the comments section below!

L xxx

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  1. Sophie Blumenthal
    November 21, 2014 / 4:32 pm

    Ooh love all these pieces especially the bag :)Sophie x

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