Vintage Fairs and Payday Treats


Just over a week ago me and my mum went to the Lou Lou’s Vintage fair in Cardiff. We’ve been once before and I loved it, so we decided to go again for their January sale. It was lots of fun and I picked up a few accessories before we also headed into Cardiff to raid a few shops there too!

I really enjoyed our trip previously and although i didn’t expect to find much here again I did spot some lovely things. I love having a browse of the stands and a small rummage – I haven’t quite got to the stage of rummaging through the rails of clothes yet….that’s still a bit beyond me. I find it hard enough to buy clothes in shops nowadays so I don’t think that vintage clothing is going to cater for my taller frame. A longer body with longer legs than the average person makes certain types of clothing hard to buy, but rest assured accessories are always available!


How beautiful are these cat eye sunglasses?! They cost only £5 and they’re UV400 which is something to think about when purchasing vintage sunglasses – this means they are probably not real vintage just vintage style but nevertheless you won’t be finding them in any other store. I love the marbling effect in the frame too, it makes the shape seem less harsh.

The necklace is a steampunk style – it’s the insides of a watch attached to a gold chain. I loved it as soon as I saw it, I’ve got a bit of a thing for watch necklaces as it is (I own about 6!) with the official Harry Potter time turner necklace being one of them. This cost me £15, a little more expensive but worth it for the unique design.

The ring is a beautiful clear crystal set in a silver coloured twisted ring. The crystal is cut to be pear shaped – it’s a gorgeous design and when me and M were looking at rings in a shop window the other day it was one I surprised myself by liking so when I saw it at the vintage fair I had to grab it! This was £8 so a few bargains at the fair this time as before I spent well over £100!


Next up was Primark. I don’t find many clothes from Primark but their pyjamas and casual tshirts are normally something that catches my eye.

Harry Potter pyjamas are number one in my eyes; I’ve bought as many of them as I can get my hands on. The above navy tshirt and vest and shorts combo were ones that I couldn’t leave without, I didn’t get the matching navy bottoms but wish I had so I think I need to go back! You can never have enough pyjamas….



Which is why it would have been SO RUDE if I had left these Batman pyjamas behind too!
I do love the leggings and tshirt combinations and anything superhero and magic related I just cannot resist.

I would say that I don’t need any pyjamas for a while now but that would be silly; I’m sure I’ll be back in there soon!

I also had a browse of their workout gear and was surprised at how extensive it has got. The grey hoodie will be great for my running in the evenings and so will the armband (£2.50 by the way!). They seemed to have a few colour ranges with neon green, orange and pink being the biggest, the orange was definitely my favourite.

The gloves will also be good in future, only £3 and I love the pattern and colours!


What have you been buying recently? Are you a superhero fan like myself?

Do you like going to local vintage fairs?

L xxx

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