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I thought it was about time i wrote a life update post…the arrangements for buying my house are all still going through so I’ve been busying myself with some outings to keep me sane but not spending all my cash.

Essentially I’ve been stuffing my face at a whole host of places around Cardiff and thought it was about time I shared them with you!

First up was the Street Food Warehouse event that was held in Cardiff Arms Park grounds, I enjoyed this and went twice with two sets of people, the food range was pretty good and seemed to improve as the weeks went on.



The Philly Cheese Steak stand was definitely something that I knew I’d be trying out, that much meat in a bun with some amazing bbq sauce and mozzarella was always going to be a fabulous combination and it didn’t disappoint!
We also tried some rosemary fries from the Meat in the Middle van and they were really good too. The best part about food festivals like this is the fact you can eat from so many different stands in one meal, I do love variety!


If I’m honest on this evening I was much more excited about the cocktails and they were strong, fruity and everything you wanted after a long week at work.
We sure did line them up!


They have many more events planned for the summer and I’m looking forward to Pop Up in the Park, I’ve no idea where it is yet but it sounds fun to me!

I’ve also been to the Millenium Stadium for Judgement Day –  a clash of  rugby teams from South Wales, essentially East v West.

The teams were the Cardiff Blues v Ospreys and the Scarlets v Dragons, its a double game that I normally go to with my family every year. This time it was just me and my dad and we shared a few pints of cider over the fair few hours that we were sat there.


I managed to get this panoramic shot at the end of the game when everyone was leaving and they were opening the roof up. I love going to the stadium for games, the atmosphere is awesome!

I’ve also been checking out Five Guys, M posted recently about her trip to Five Guys in Bristol and now that it has arrived in Cardiff I had to go and see it for myself.


I ended up choosing the bacon cheeseburger with fries – all burgers are double burgers so be warned, you do need to be hungry when you visit!
It was everything I wanted from a burger and fries. The place is just like a Mcdonalds or Burger King but the food is better, and therefore more expensive.
The burger itself was unbelievably good, it was juicy and cooked to perfection. I couldn’t stop stuffing my face with it and the fat was running down my hands – it was messy and dirty and so much fun.
The fries were also pretty good and the drinks were impressive with 120 flavours available from one machine – however I’m a Sprite kind of person so I wasn’t very adventurous!

I would fully recommend you check out both Five Guys and the Street Food Warehouse events, I’ve also visited the Street Food Circus event and will be posting about that this week too!


I have to say having eaten all of this food recently, i was relieved when my latest magazine of Women’s Health arrived on my doorstep.

I need to get back in the gym so I don’t undo all of my hard work, and this was the perfect motivation!

What have you been up to recently? More importantly, what have you been eating??

L xxx

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