Lush Pumice Power

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First all apologies for the photos of this I was too excited to use it and had to take photos in my bathroom at night! Bad blogger in me. I’ve mentioned a lot on her the Lush Event we went to. I love going to the store after hours and can never resist buying myself some treat. I’m really bad at neglecting my feet. In all honestly I’m lazy and I have ticklish feet so don’t like doing it. Foot maintance for me would usually involve me bribing my mum when I was visiting every few months to ped egg my feet. Something about a pumice stone grosses me out so when I saw pumice power I had to buy it. 

Lush Pumice Power

I’d used stepping stone a bit but didn’t like how quickly it was used up and how crumbly it was. Pumice power has now replaced it but if you were a fan of stepping stone I think you’ll love this even more. This is a lot harder than stepping stone so lasts a lot longer.

Lush Pumice Power

It’s kind of a mix between a soap and a scrub (and contains pumice powder so you are getting a scrub like using a pumice stone). It really lathers up when wet but has enough grit to smooth out the tough skin on feet. I’ve been using mine everyday in the shower since I got it a few weeks ago. It’s been easy to fit into my shower routine (I know clever me, look after my feet once flip flop season is coming to an end!) It has a lovely orange scent to it too. I am a fan of the minty fragrance of stepping stone but citrus scents can always win me over instead. 

Do you take care of your feet or are yours a little neglected like mine? 

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