DIY: Coffee Scrub

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Coffee scrubs seem to be everywhere at the moment, a great natural exfoliator that not only helps soften skin but also helps with cellulite. With summer now hear the coffee scrub trend was something I wanted to try out but to be honest didn’t want to pay the price for. They seem really expensive for something which is basically oil and coffee so I decided to make me own.

DIY Coffee Body Scrub

To make your own coffee scrub you’ll need

  • Ground Coffee (ps poundlound sell!)
  • Sugar or salt
  • Oil (I used coconut oil but sweet almond or anything would work too, ps if you’re using coconut oil you can get cheaper one’s that aren’t suitable for cooking but I already has this one in the cupboard)
  • Bowl
  • Tablespoon and cup
  • A jar to store it in
  • Essential Oil (optional!)

DIY Coffee Scrub

It really is amazingly simple you mix the dry ingredients depending on how much you want to make, I did 1 cup of ground coffee to 3 tablespoons of sugar.

DIY Coffee Scrub

 I then added sweet orange essential oil, though I’m not sure I’d bother next time as you can smell it slightly (I added loads!!) but I think the coffee is so strong it’s not worth it. Peppermint or tea tree may work well though.

DIY Coffee Scrub

Next up melt some coconut oil and mix it all together. I used 5 tablespoons of coconut oil but it may take more less so add it one tablespoon at a time and mix. 

DIY Coffee Scrub

DIY Coffee Scrub

Lastly add to pretty container or old jar! Much cheaper than buying it and makes a great gift for friends!!

DIY Coffee Scrub

So far I’m really enjoying using it. It leave my skin so soft and the coconut oil adds moisture! It does get messy in the shower but it’s worth it!

Have you made your own coffee scrub or tried coffee scrubs?

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