Benefit's New Brow Range!

Hello everyone!

Apologies for the lack of posts from us, we have both been super busy recently and have been away at Glastonbury followed by seeing Beyoncé on her stadium tour so time and wifi access a been very limited! We are super tired and looking forward to quiet weekends to catch up on everything so expect lots of posts to be uploaded soon.

The first post I needed to write was to tell you all about the new brow products from Benefit.

I’m sure by now you have all seen the new range but i really wanted to give you my thoughts on it too. 

When I heard that Benefit we’re bringing out even more products and redoing their packaging I was equally excited and a little confused, surely there couldn’t possibly be any more brow products that were necessary?? Aren’t benefit the top sellers for brow products anyway, how can we need more??

2016-06-16 18.01.15-1

Well let me tell you I was suitably impressed when I was invited to the Benefit counter in Boots Llantrisant to see the new products in action. 

There are many of them for starters, and also in new much needed shades. There really is something for everyone depending on the brows you have, the colour of your brows and also the look you want to achieve (which if you are anything like me will change regularly!)

First we had a demonstration of the products to give us an idea of the purpose of each of the products and then we were allowed to go crazy and test them all out ourselves which was fun.

2016-06-16 18.18.21

So here’s the run down of the new range (all 10 products!) in full:

1) Browvo! – this is a conditioning primer to enhance colour and extend wear, it will help to make your brows appear fuller-looking too which is an added bonus! £21.50

2) Goof Proof Brow Pencil – this pencil twists up to dispense the product and the pencil is flat with one side wider than the other, this makes it so so easy to get your brows on in the morning! Cannot go wrong with this style and it’s available in 6 shades. £18.50

3) Precisely, My Brow Pencil – a super fine pencil for the ultra-precise brow and creating individual hair like strokes with 12 hour wear. Available in 6 shades, £18.50.

4) Brow zings – the old favourite and best selling kit has new packaging and a new extendable dual ended brush, plus guess what? Available in 6 shades! £24.50

5) Ka Brow! – this is a new cream gel that almost feels a bit like a mousse, it’s waterproof and buildable for all brows even the big ones! 24 hour wear, available in 6 shades, £18.50

6) Gimme Brow – another favourite of mine but now the volumising fibre gel now comes in three shades! £18.50

7) 3D-Brow Tones – a totally new idea to me, this gel will give you subtle brow-enhancing highlights to stop your brows from looking flat. As far as I can see this is available in 2 shades, £18.50

8) Ready, Set, Brow! – this newbie is a shaping and setting gel to keep the brows where they need to be. This one is clear and quick setting to stay for 24 hours. £18.50

9) High Brow and High Brow Glow – these pencils blend super easily to give highlights on your brow bone, one is more luminous than the other

There is also a pencil sharpener, angled brow brush with spoolie, and a grooming tweezer with brush too.

2016-06-16 18.54.34-1

2016-06-16 19.10.19

2016-06-16 18.56.18

I’m already a big fan of Gimme Brow and have used Brow Zings in the past and liked that too. Nowadays I like brows to be as quick as possible and take minimal time, but I do particularly love the new Ka Brow, the new colours are really good and the gel is so buildable I spent ages playing with it and getting the look just right.

After this I tried the Precisely, My Brow pencil and this was really good for adding in the extra hairs where you may have some gaps.

2016-06-16 18.58.11

2016-06-16 18.58.26

After this I also tried the 3D BrowTones and was surprised how this came out, it actually looked like my brows weren’t flat but they weren’t glittery either. I’m not sure I’d purchase this myself but I can certainly see why some people may need it to stop their brows looking so drawn on.

Lastly i finished off my look with the Ready Set Brow! setting gel which was great and something I would definitely want to get my hands on.

2016-06-16 19.01.41

2016-06-16 19.02.31

So how did it look? See below for some quick selfies post event:

2016-06-16 20.02.33

2016-06-16 20.03.31

I really like the overall effect and although I was sceptical that I would need even half of the products I can understand why you could need all of them!

They each have their own job and they do all of them very well. I already have Brow Zings and Gimme Brow, but I now realise I need Ka Brow, Precisely My Brow and the Ready, Set Brow! setting gel. Luckily we were given a sample of the setting gel so that will keep me going until I splash out soon!

Have you seen the new products? Which are your favourite?

They are all available and have been since the 24th of June, see you in store!

Thank you to Benefit Llantrisant for inviting me to their event 🙂

L xxx


  1. Beauty Bird
    July 6, 2016 / 12:00 pm

    I picked up the Ready, Set, Brow freebie with Marie Claire, it's so good! Keeps the hairs in place allllll day xx

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