Miss Patisserie: Lemon Tea Bath Ball

Good morning!

Last week I was a total rebel and had my completely irregular ‘Sunday night bath’ on a Monday. Ooh err.

I’ve saved this bath ball from Miss Patisserie for weeks because it looked so pretty in my bathroom, but it was time to give it a whirl and I was glad I did!

2016-09-19 19.16.29

The Lemon Tea bath ball combines green tea and citrus lemongrass scents for a foamy bath.

I’ve said many times that citrus is my favourite scent and is the main reason I picked this bath ball up, but the colour matches my bathroom too and the flower is just a pretty addition!

As usual I filled the bath and then spun the bath ball into the water to make sure it fizzed and whirled whilst it dissolved.

2016-09-19 19.18.05

The flower fell off straight away which was maybe a bit disappointing, I was hoping it would spin nicely whilst upright with the flower still in tact…but maybe that’s just taking blogger problems a bit far!

However the bath ball didn’t disappoint at all, it fizzed for ages and the bath was a lovely aqua colour quite quickly. The bath ball took quite a while to totally dissolve so it was still going long after I’d sunk into the water and got very comfy!

2016-09-19 19.22.04

2016-09-19 19.22.53-1

Look how pretty the water is! It’s so foamy and I love the aqua colour. The scent was amazing and filled the bathroom with the subtle citrus and tea fragrance.

I still can’t stay in baths longer than half an hour but am definitely getting into the whole ‘relaxing in a bath with a candle and some music/Netflix on my phone’ routine. I still can’t do it every week either but at least once a month is good enough for me!

2016-09-19 19.15.48


The Lemon Tea Bath Ball costs £3.49, and smells really really lovely!

I’m definitely going to get it again as my bathroom looks much duller without it. I can’t wait for another spree in Miss Patisserie as I’ve got my eye on the Safari and Ziggy bath balls too!

Maybe there will also be some Christmas themed ones coming out soon….I’d really love that if you’re reading this Charlotte!!!! 🙂

What are your favourite products from Miss Patisserie?? I have many especially the more I try, but I’m currently loving the new Coconut Face Soap!

L xxx

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